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Just wanted to let you know about two bug fixes that are now live. First, you'll probably see that you have a few more points than before due to a calculation error. Second, if you are using our apps (and you should!), you'll now be getting alerts sent to them. You can adjust which alerts you want on the settings page.

By Admin8
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I lost points. Like 3 to 5 thousand

same here. I was at 7.8 this morning... now I'm back to 7.7. So much for a "calculation error" working out in our favor...

@Kafirah I'm 9.2 now and willing to share. ?

I lost 4 thousand.

I lost almost 5000 overnight

@JenBeberstein Me too

@Lucy_Fehr I hope @admin is working on a fix!

@JenBeberstein You must share you weight-loss secret.

Should i infer that that Is just an estimated range?

@JenBeberstein Me too. But it disturbs me how annoyed I am about it so I think I may need to take a break from the site and reevaluate my social media habits


Thanks for all you do for this web site.


So does that mean the bugs are safe? What are bugs and what does it mean that they are live?

it means that no Roundup was used in coding this site



BeeHappy Level 9 Mar 8, 2019


Cannot see your post, IF...

@LetzGetReal Ha! smile002.gif I posted something really great and then tried to delete it but it wouldn't let me.

@dare2dream It must be in invisible text, then. ~


Aha! I just suddenly started getting alerts today. Now I know why. Thanks!

I check periodically when I am ONLINE, the alert sound is gone even though selected.


@Soarfeet Thanks!


My phone kept honking at me so i turned off alerts


Thanks admin! I knew if I was persistent... Oh... Nevermind... Thank you!


I gained 10,000 points overnight. Easy work if you can get it. smile009.gif

I got almost 100k points woohoo!

@Cutiebeauty none for me


Apps are out of my preference range, just complicates and annoys a good life...


I cannot find a view of my points anywhere. The old indicators are gone. ):

Zster Level 8 Mar 8, 2019

Never mind, I found it. (:


Thanks. Until today, I was on Level 8.3 with over 115,000 points. Now I'm at 8.4.

Since Level 9 requires 200,000 points, I thought 100,000 points would be 8.5.

Level 8 is at 50,000 points

And Level 9 is at 200,000 points

So that's 150,000 points from 8 to 9.

So that's 15K points per each level within 8. (10 levels)

8.1 50K + 15K = 65K
8.2 65K + 15K = 80K
8.3 80K +15K = 95K
8.4 95K + 15K = 110K
8.5 110K + 15K = 125K
8.6 125K + 15K = 140K
8.7 140K + 15K = 155K
8.8 155K + 15K = 170K
8.9 170K + 15K = 185K
LEVEL 9 185K + 15K = 200K

I posted it here when someone else asked and I had a 'math moment ' enjoy! []


Thank you.


I would love to find my first entry onto the site I was a level 8 and it became a mess Not happy


Thank you. The alert woke me up. Lol


This is one of the best threads ever. Have a glass,... and...

Jacar Level 7 Mar 9, 2019

I've been shorted about 970,000 points. Glad to see it's been taken care of smile002.gif


The alerts are great!


Prolly explains the 502? error message I was getting for a short while the other day.



Envixer Level 5 Mar 9, 2019

I found another unrequested alert on my phone again this morning. Yesterday I shut off all the website alerts I had turned on. That apparently didn't work. So this morning I shut off the only email alert I had selected. Let's see what happens now.

Yogisan Level 7 Mar 9, 2019

I'm still getting unwanted alerts as well.

Interesting. I have all my alerts shut off on my profile now and I just got a new one. They come from people I don't follow but they come from groups that I belong to. Is there an alert on/off toggle for each group that overrides the profile setting?


I use the app. Thanks!


Thanks @Admin - much appreciated.


Can you fix why the app constantly tells me my status is "Logging Out" when I launch the app after not using it for several minutes or hours?

Then it take clicking on many verification puzzles if I try to post before I'm allowed to do so?

DGJ0114 Level 7 Mar 9, 2019

Good. I just started getting alerts today. Thanks

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