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What do you think of the photography in this video about birds? [facebook.com]

By ToolGuy7
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Nature can be amazing. I remember a friend who volunteered at Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo. She took a rope and made a circle showing the size of the typical eagles nest. It was 7' in diameter.

JackPedigo Level 8 Mar 11, 2019

Very neat and sharp, it's beautiful

Robert08 Level 4 Mar 10, 2019

Very well done.

whispers Level 7 Mar 10, 2019

So incredibly sharp it almost hurts the eye. Excellent and really well positioned. I'd like to see more.

evidentialist Level 8 Mar 10, 2019

Good photography, well done!

Rustee Level 7 Mar 10, 2019

Very cool, I like it.

Gooniesnvrdie Level 7 Mar 9, 2019
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