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GoT only 4 weeks left!

By TajI3
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I’ve been putting off the rewatch until the last minute. It’s gonna be a lot of overnights


Can't wait!
there are a few other things out at that time as well. the new season of "Cosmos".
and the "Avengers End Game".
Looking forward to all of them.
Here's a little fun of one of my favorite Arya scenes.


I know! I'm excited!


Think he needs to see a doctor about that growth o his head and the strange eyes. That can’t be good at his line dancing group.



Jama765 Level 6 Mar 14, 2019

Clock is ticking !!!!

IamNobody Level 8 Mar 14, 2019

Yesssss! Bring it! []

CaroleKay Level 8 Mar 14, 2019

That’s what my great aunt said last year. “The doctors gave me five weeks. That was a week ago. Now I GoT only 4 weeks left!“

She only had two though. ?

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