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Let’s see now... I could call ATT for internet repair or I could stab myself in both eyes twelve times each with a red-hot ice-pick... hmmm... let me think about it.

By skado8
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Ice pick would be a lot less painful : )

freeofgod Level 8 Mar 16, 2019

Over five years, I scheduled and waited for 25 different Frontier Communications technicians to no avail. They all made lame excuses. My computer kept crashing, videos hung up buffering, etc.

The last technician finally told me the truth:

"Your internet speed is less than 2 megabits per second, " he said. "It shoud be at least 20. The reason is that your home is at the tail end of internet wires that begin in downtown Wenatchee. By the time internet speed gets to you, everyone took bits of it, leaving you with a tiny trickle."

I pictured a stream running uphill.

That day, I canceled Frontier. He suggested two different carriers. I took his recommendation.

No more problems.

I would switch in a heartbeat if there was a comparable competitor in my area, but there just isn’t.

@skado Something has gone awry with capitalism if "market" does no longer mean "competition". A healthy market economy should be full of competition

@matias rotflmao.


They suck. What's worse is that they don't care!

Exactly! They have no serious competition, and they know it. It really seems like they design their customer service to see how frustrating they can make the encounter, just for evil pleasure.



BeeHappy Level 9 Mar 14, 2019

Yeah, I should have gone for the ice pick.

When will I ever learn.


Tough call.

BD66 Level 7 Mar 14, 2019
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