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This could be interesting. Anybody else into paganism and dancing naked around a bonfire?

By Papajohn2
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Myneighbors do a great job of minding their own business!


Separately sure


Gravity is friend to no one... so no smile002.gif

Knitfreak Level 7 Mar 15, 2019

Isn't it a bit too cold for that at the moment in the US?

Jolanta Level 8 Mar 15, 2019

As I age, I've discovered the very practical reasons for clothes. Particularly underwear... Now skinny dipping is another thing altogether... smile009.gif

Hominid Level 7 Mar 15, 2019

No way. Since age 15 when I developed breasts, I have been grabbed, molested, kissed against my will, catcalled, nearly raped, stalked (twice) and sexually assaulted by men.

"You look like a victim," a man said recently. I was stunned.

"I don't feel like a victim," I replied. "I walk fast with confidence and good posture. I never look at my phone or in my purse while walking in public."

"Because you are thin and small, you look easy to grab," he explained. His words chilled me to my core.

I want the protection of clothing.


Naked dancing sounds like fun....but the hell with the religious aspects.

nicknotes Level 8 Mar 14, 2019
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