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What do you all think of the Christchurch shooting that just happened in NZ?

By VineetHonkan7
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Why don't all the racists, homophobes, islamophobes, misogynists, anti-semites and miscellaneous haters build a wall, get inside of it and stay the hell away from the rest of us.


Sad for everyone. But, Anning did NOT say what all the lefties are saying he said.

We in the US have little clue about what is happening in places where islam is migrating, and invading.

At least 34,725 attacks since 9-11 by muslims citing religious reasons. Two per day. (Some sources suggest it is closer to twice that.)

In the US we are not informed about what is happening elsewhere.

Those downunder are much more attuned to what has been happening in europe because of mass migration of peoples determined NOT to become european, not to tolerate freedom.

Most people in the US have no idea how dangerous the world really is.

Jacar Level 7 Mar 16, 2019

The bastard live streamed this?!
I think I am going to be sick.


The shooter's manifesto says he admires Donald Trump as a symbol of renewed white identity. And just when my shame at being an American couldn't, I thought, get any deeper.

mordant Level 8 Mar 15, 2019

Admires him? Gee... I wonder why. Trump is a racist role model


Just read his name is Brenton Tarrant.


It is the business of religion to separate us. They should be very happy with this days success.
Sorry I have NO sympathy. I exhausted it on the victims of ISIS. It won't happen again.........god willing.


You have no sympathy for the victims of a massacre?

@VineetHonkan Fixed thanks!

@VineetHonkan, @OwlInASack Read the post again. My sympathy was already thin because of the WMDs and a Syrian pipeline, 2 million dead Iraqies, 500,00 dead Syrians,18,000 kids who starved today alone, Yemen, you get the picture. And I'm suppose to get all teared up for 20 or 40? I'm not that shallow.

@rainmaker-47 I’ve read it again. It reads exactly the same.

As a brutal terrorist attacking is unfolding with innocent people murdered you choose to say there aren’t enough dead for you to feel any emotion about it.

@OwlInASack That is about right. And tomorrow another 18,000 kids will die of hunger. And you might like to congratulate yourself with this. I watched the planes fly into the towers and wondered why it hadn't happened before. Try becoming a little more a citizen of the world, not just the keyboard!


When the planes flew into the twin towers I was reading the latest report from our our epidemioligist team from Eastern Congo. They identified that an additional 2.4m people had died in the past 20
Months over and above the already very high mortality rate.

I had a similar reaction to you.

But subsequently I realised that it isn’t just the number of dead that matters but the manner of the dying. And I can care about all of it.

If I take no notice of, or have no space for compassion when attacks are made like this, then I am part of their legitimisation.

As I have been and served in some of the places where terrible things happen, I’m not just a keyboard citizen - though it’s an easy insult to throw.


This is what comes from group hate speak against Muslims I suspect.

This is not "hate group" against anyone. It is a group that is against liars, thieves, bigots, pedophiles,murderers and scam artiest! If you want to join a hate group I suggest you try a religion!


I’m confused: a man with little to no personal experience of Muslims has persuaded himself that it’s reasonable to murder some 50 of them. I think that it is likely he has been influenced by the voluminous hate speak that is freely entertained in our public discourse against Muslims.

Today it was not religion that showed hatred. It was a non religious (apparently) white male terrorist who had presumably been indulging himself in some of the very popular hatred levelled at Muslims

@OwlInASack There is a saying. Something about assuming making fools. Why do you say I have no experience? Do you know which country I spent the last five years of my life, or the country five before that? And where did you get that "knowledge"? And where did I say that murder was reasonable? Also you keep using the word "hate" to describe others. Nor did I say it was religion that was behind todays' events. Even after you was given an answer. The problem with the world is not what people know, it is what they believe without knowledge or information. That is not part of a solution, it is part of the problem.

@rainmaker-47 I think you’re confused here unless you went out and murdered 50 innocent Muslims today. Perhaps read the post again?

I'm confused? OK Another expert on other people. It is very hard for people to see what doesn't fit their agenda. I want to know why I should get upset for 20 or 30 or even 100 when there are so many dead everyday. 2 million MUSLIM in Iraq. 500,000 MUSLIMS in Syria. How many MUSLIM kids will starve today in Yemen? And it won't be a quick bullet. It will because for their entire 1 or 2 or 3or 4 years they will be starving. Today (Buddhist) kids will be born in Vietnam damaged from Agent Orange 50 years after the war. How many tears did you shed for any of these people today? I also notice you did not reply to one single point from my last post. Where did you get your information on me, have you head up your arse? . You were schooled from birth and you learnt the lessons well.


Another expert on other people

You’re just saying stuff now because you misunderstood, aren’t you?

I’ve not suggested I’m an expert on other people or any of the other stuff you’ve posted about.and there’s more than a little irony about posting on agendas given your very large one.

You still don't realise do you: I’ve not posted about you one single time so all the head up arse stuff is just misdirected. Whatever: you’re determined to be the subject of my posts and be offended do crack right on...

I'll cut and paste from your posts. "a man with little to no personal experience of Muslims" Not about me. "persuaded himself that it’s reasonable to murder some 50 of them. " Not about me. "he has been influenced by the voluminous hate speak that is freely entertained in our public discourse against Muslims." Not about me. " you’re confused here unless you went out and murdered 50 innocent Muslims today." Not about me. "posting on agendas given your very large one." Not about me. I see the problem. Congratulations! Not once in you last effort did you use the word "Hate"! But it would be nice to addressed just one point, not posting what is not about me!


a man with little to no personal experience of Muslims

No! Not about you! About Brentan Tarrant. For fucks sake and you made some stupid crack about me making assumptions

What is wrong with you?

Silly me! There for one moment I actually thought you was answering me. If you had something to say that was not so why did you place it as an answer to my post? Yes, I was totally confused.


Be interested in motivation. An extreme measure by an Australian who is egged on by politicians to demonise people rather than the ideology of Islam. Who has to accept multiculturalism or else get howled down by the PC brigade.
Or perhaps someone from that community personally slighted him in some way? Who knows, too early to tell.
It's an extreme act of frustration or revenge. Not to be condoned nor dismissed.

powder Level 8 Mar 15, 2019

Who has to accept multiculturalism or else get howled down by the PC brigade

If that were the case the ‘PC Brigade’ might have a point.


Its still an active shooter incident. Shooters not captured, killed, or in custody. Correction, one captued, white male in military style camo. One doesn't normally associate NZ with this type of violence. A shame.

t1nick Level 8 Mar 15, 2019

wish i had some profound comment, but can't think of one ....but as long as pastors earn millions for peoples belives , where does it end ?


People are nuts going around killing people of different religions......or for any reason. Of course the shooter will soon realize that what he did will ruin his own life as well as his victims.

nicknotes Level 8 Mar 14, 2019

Like Hadrian's wall? Or the great wall of China? Walls don't work. @corroboree

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