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Species Karma? Or simply Nature being indifferent:

By bigpawbullets8
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I knew Ed Gein was an alien.




Those who tell us that they have been abducted by aliens from outer space are not very reliable witnesses.
Funny fact: this whole stuff about abductions by aliens is typically American - here in Europe it is virtually unknown smile001.gif

Matias Level 7 Mar 15, 2019

Sometimes, though, I wish they'd abduct the EU commission and let us revert to the old EEC.

@Petter There are few countries in Europe which benefited more from subsidies from Brussels than Spain...
When I lived in Sevilla in 1997 and 1999, the whole city was full of construction sites, and my Spanish friends told me that most of it was payed for by Brussels

@Matias I know.
In Mojacar, Almeria there were all sorts of expensive projects, paid for or heavily subsidised by, the EU.
Amazingly, the same few architects and builders got the contracts and by an even stranger coincidence, they were related to high officials. Quite a few historical sites, like a beautifully kept baroque theatre, became redeveloped, in this case to a commercial centre, in 1987.
Then, in 2006, a proposal was made to apply for EU funds to build a theatre. No. Kill the corrupt, bureaucratic Brussels based EU, and bring back the EEC.

@Petter Sorry, but as I see it, the corruption happened in Spain, not in Brussels. Everybody knows that a lot of nonsense was made in Spain with money from the EU (every medium-sized city has its own airport by now...), but it would rather unfair to put the blame for that on the EU. They have an anti-corruption / anti-fraud agency in Brussels (OLAF), but it cannot control everywhere everybody.

@Matias But investigations never happened. Take another waste of money. Why does the entire executive have to shift from Brussels to Strasbourg every year? What a monumental waste?! Why does the administration of so many of the institutions have to be spread across three or more states?


That’s quite funny!

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