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So what happened in New Zealand would be labeled terrorism or "mentally unstable" because the killer was not Muslim?

By BrokenMarrow7
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Depends was he chemically unbalanced or doing it un the name of an ideology?


"Terrorism is a contested term, with no set definition for the concept or broad agreement among academic experts on its usage."

Some define it as violence or even the threat of violence in service of a political aim. If there is no political declaration of intent, it's not considered terrorism. Others may consider any violence against civilians a terrorist act.

This could be why it's classified or labeled differently.

I'd hate to think it's because the perpetrator wasn't Muslim.

Athena Level 7 Mar 15, 2019

In a nutshell, a man from settler stock doesn’t like the religion and colour of some newer settlers so decided to kill 49 of them.


That is heinous and heartbreaking!

And covers all definitions of terrorism.

@Athena I am left wondering how an Ozzie was able to get that kind of firepower in NZ?

There was a clearly stated intent to eliminate immigrants.


They don’t have that same issue down there: the right wing Ozzie PM came straight out and called
it terrorism. Which it is.

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