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Hey, I just got a note from the NY Daily News Voices that they're publishing my letter to the editor. I wonder what Rudy will think of it. Somebody is bound to mention it to him. Hope he doesn't sue me. Even better I wonder what the mobsters will think. They might even love it and invite me down to Sheepshead Bay for a fish dinner with some anisette and a demitasse of expresso.

Check out the cover.


Here's the letter:

Rudy Giuliani has a lot of nerve wearing that American flag on his lapel. It's the same hypocrisy that he displayed in high school. He sat next to me in Mr. Garone's freshman home class at Bishop Loughlin H.S. in Bed-Sty. I went to school one day and found out that Rudy skipped a year. How'd he do it? He wasn't that bright.

Then when he graduated NYU Law School in the mid-sixties where was his patriotism when his country was losing a thousand GIs per month during the TET Offensive. He had his boss send a letter to the Draft Board telling them how indispensable this rookie prosecutor was to the NYC Judicial System. The only Vietnamese War he saw was what Walter Cronkite reported on the nightly news.

Mitt Romney is another phony flag waver, even better than Rudy. After being a hawk most of his student years at BYU, when it was his turn to fight for his country he got lost. He couldn't resist an urgent call to travel to France as a missionary to convert them all to Mormonism. Imagine: the country that gave the world Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Voltaire, Blaise Pascal, Madame Pompadour and Brigitte Bardot converting to Mormonism! For Mitt's sake everybody conveniently forgot about it.

Did you see the president hugging the flag last week? I wonder if he remembers which foot has the heel spur.

Rich Goscicki author “High School with Rudy Giuliani”
Bishop Loughlin class of 1962

By Aristopus6
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Congratulations. I’ll assume your facts are facts, as I’d hate to see you go to jail for slander.

Even if he does sue me, at least I fought back. This country has enough food, enough space, enough money and commodities that we can all live in an elysian paradise, replete with wonderful bird life, spectacular fish, forests and even a tropical rain forest like the Everglades. But our “leaders” feel they deserve of more than average, just for the competition of it. Read High School with Rudy Giuliani and you'll see how Rudy was an elitist. (He wouldn't even look at me and I was much more into Br. Corbinian Joseph's chemistry class than he.) You mentioned libel, I remember like it were yesterday that Bro. Joseph asked him what a mole was and he didn't even stick his head up, all I hears was, “I dunno”. How the heck can you take a chemistry course and not be able to define “mole” months into the course? It's the key to understanding equations. What's he going to do, deny it?

What the hell makes him better than anybody else? He comes from a family of cops and his father was a bar tender. He said his prayers ever so fervently and told the brothers that he wanted to be like them: a Christian brother with a little white bib under his chin. In 1970 the police were so corrupt they had to form a Knapp Commission to figure out how many “bag men” there were and how much money they were taking in as bribes. These guys actually went from business to business collecting money for the Policeman's Benevolent Assc. The PBA. The trouble is if you didn't contribute, you better not need their services.

These elitist pols destroyed my American Dream. In high school when the story takes place, I was a good kid with never a stain on my reputation or self image. I lived in Queens, look a bus into Brooklyn, then jumped on the GG to Bed-Sty,k an hour and a half trip. When I got home I did my paper route for two house, then did my home work and went to bed. That is until Rudy became president of the senior class. I got busted and had to go to “detention” like a common criminal. It blew my whole self image.

Read the story behind “Perp Number 1” – me.

One more thing: the subtitle “A National Problem” isn't Rudy. It's the fact that delusional, fanatical, religious membots (a term from Dawkins' Memetics, someone who lives solely for the propagation of an ideology, like a Nazi stormtrooper) are determining who goes on to achieve influence and power and who gets left behind to perform menial jobs. The system is self-perpetuating – that's the problem. Think of it: the country has a lobby system where corporate stooges pay big money to corrupt politicians to make laws for the corporation's benefit. I hope you can see: Something's wrong here.

I read your quaint story about the traffic cop and the chat. It's wonderful that we can use this marvelous technology for the serious as well as the whimsical.

@Aristopus I agree with you in principle. I have no optimism that anything will change. So, I believe I may as well find whatever joy, and quaintness, wherever I can.

@MissKathleen Thanks for the reply. Your statement is at the heart of my philosophy, Rational Darwinism. I'm an Epicurean who's main tenet is just grow and enjoy your own garden, make it as beautiful as you can, and don't give a damn what happens in Athens. If more people were into the Golden Rule they could throw the Ten Commandments in the garbage..

@Aristopus I DO give a damn what happens in Athens. I do the best I can to improve the world (my small world). I volunteer, I help anyone I can whenever I can, I share the harvest of my organic garden, I have a solar system that generates more power than I use (just a little more, because the monopoly power company lobbied to make sure THEY would make money for making power...and they pay 1/4 for my excess as they charge someone else for it), I limit my driving as best I can but there is virtually no public transpotation here, I recycle, I avoid plastic as much as possible (even paying more for products to avoid it). BUT, I feel powerless to do anything beyond what I do. Even though I tell them to do otherwise, the Politicians do not act in my interest or that of my country. My income is less able to support me every year, and I see my old friends eating junk fast food because it is cheap...and it is deteriorating their health...I have two close friend and a BIL in cancer treatment right now...but I can’t help everyone. I have to find the joy wherever I can. And, yes, some days I have to tune out all the crap and just BE...and TRY to be happy.

In fairness to Epicurus I think we should bare in mind that he was a contemporary of Alexander the Great. The world was a different place in those days and there was no fear yet of total annihilation. Your spirit of self sacrifice is precisely what the world needs from its citizens. That's really all we can do other than try to encourage others to look at things in the same light. The corporate state uses brain washing and mind control to convert humans into consumption machines resulting in much misery, suffering and degradation of the environment.

Epicurus taught that there's more happiness to be enjoyed from the little things in life like the call of a nightingale in a tranquil dusk or a beautiful sunset as it emits a kaleidoscope of orange and pink sun rays to the surrounding area. That's why he encouraged his followers to care for a fragrant odoriferous garden. It's nice to have expensive things but a new luxury car and splendid jewelry only brings a feeling of accomplishment and not true happiness.

“I have two close friend and a BIL in cancer treatment right now.” Would you explain this sentence for me.

He lived into his 70s, quite old age in those days. He was sick at the end with arthritis and living in pain but he still said he was happy. He had helped so many of his disciples enjoy life that it outweighed the pain and suffering he underwent personally.

Oh, yeah. A great quote of his, “don't fear death because by then you won't exist anymore.”

@Aristopus I am sure I would have liked him and welcomed him as a friend. What part of the sentence do you not understand? BIL? Brother-in-Law. In cancer treatment? I believe a lot of cancer is a result of toxins taken into the body...perhaps we have a limit as to what our body can deal with. I know the lifestyle of my friends and family. Their toxin intake has been high...especially from cheap, fast food.

@MissKathleen BIL

@Aristopus I just told you...Brother-in-law.


Great letter keep going!


Great letter. Please keep us updated if he responds to you.

Heidi68 Level 8 Mar 15, 2019

Here's a follow up to a couple of friends.

Thanks Ernie and Dan. To tell the truth I have no idea what the reaction will be. In any case I think it's important for working people to know what a bunch of phonies and hypocrites our “leaders” are. Rudy however did bust a lot of big-time mobsters and write the RICO Act. The way I understand it his name did go before the Commission but they thought better of making him disappear like Jimmy Hoffa.

Did you see the cover? I wonder what he'll think of it. If he sues me, that'll be okay. I'm broke and as they say in the business is, any publicity is good publicity.

But notice the subtitle: A NATIONAL PROBLEM

It's not Rudy that's the problem but the fact that delusional priests, brothers and other professional religious are determining who goes on to political and corporate leadership through college and who remains behind. I killed Rudy in chemistry, algebra and 11th year math and he went on to mayorship and even run for president. But I got two Ds in Religion and that really hurt my chances—pulled my grade average way down. I just couldn't sing the hymns and recite the prayers like Rudy but that shouldn't set the course for the rest of my life.

Just think, out of the 535 members of Congress just about all are prayerful believers. (The only nonbeliever I know of was Barney Frank but he's gone). That really limits the Congressional possibilities of our elected officials, especially the ones that believe in the afterlife and Second Coming when it comes to protecting the environment.



Great letter!! I hope you get a response from Rudy....LOL


I have never understood how someone so over the top creepy got to be the mayor of NYC, Birmingham yes, NYC no.

Sticks48 Level 9 Mar 15, 2019

@Gooniesnvrdie He didn't do anything after 911 that any mayor of any American city wouldn't have done. I have never understood the praise for this slimeball for just doing his job at the time.

@Gooniesnvrdie Let's give him credit when do. Being his classmate I was proud of him for busting so many gangsters and writing the RICO Act. My issue in the letter was the sleazy, underhanded way he beat the draft and stayed out of the line of VC fire. The same goes of Romney, even worse. And the president!!! What the heck is going on? Americans can't be that stupid.

Did you see him hugging the flag last week? Scary. He must be living in a dream world.

@Aristopus The Mafia's power was on the wane anyway. As a prosecutor he was very effective. As a human being, he is a piece of shit. I judge people by their humanity, not their job performance.

@Sticks48 He was "very effective" as a prosecutor. Years later a Wall St Journal writer described how he prosecuted 5,535 "Perps" in his career. I know this is messed up but my claim to fame in this country is that I was "PERP NUMBER 1" I'll tell you later but if your curiosity gets the better of you you'll have to read the book.

I know you don't like him but don't let the cover sway your opinion. It wasn't photoshopped.


@Aristopus I have seen that picture before. I knew it was real. Thanks.

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