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Hope this isn't a repeat - because it's really important article explaining why climate change science isn't making an impact - particularly outside the intelligentsia - []

By Allamanda7
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I have been thinking about this. This risk consultant is wrong. Fear is never a good way to drive the mitigation of risk. Sure. You will get some action. We have seen that in climate areas so far. But you will also get increased skepticism as the fear never materializes. Climate is in the basic boy who cried wolf position.

dc65 Level 7 Mar 16, 2019

but never materializes? It's affecting more people by the day!


In trying to understand the full import of climate change it really helps to know the history of mass extinction on this planet. The greatest die-off, known as the Permian extinction, saw the demise of around 95% of the species then inhabiting Earth. And that event was brought about by climate change. And that climate change was driven by a rapid buildup of greenhouse gases on the atmosphere. And that buildup was spurred by self-reenforcing feedback loops. And the only major difference between what happened then (about 250 million years ago) and today's situation is that it's happening about ten times faster this time around. And here I am spouting facts that many people cannot wrap their heads around -- because of the biases mentioned in the article -- but also due to a fatal lack of imagination. However, this may be beside the point. We should not expect people who have not studied mass extinction and climate science to get it. We should redouble our efforts to educate them AND couch our lessons in moral terms. And we should not wait for Joe Lunchbuckethead to get it before acting. Then it will be too late. If we have to drag those unimaginative masses kicking and screaming then so be it. There are times when those who know need to lead. Unfortunately right now, the voices of many members of the intelligentsia are muted by short-term political concerns. And even if they talk the talk, they don't walk the walk. They don't hesitate to climb aboard a jet (the mode of transport with the highest carbon footprint) or drive an Earth-destroying SUV to the grocery store. Those in the know need to lead by example. We need to tip the moral balance in favor of doing the right thing. It has to become cool to be a bicycle-riding, jet plane shunning climate warrior. ?


The world-wide demonstrations yesterday seem to disprove this.......

finally, a little hope!


Reading the comments at the bottom of the article is more enlightening than the article itself.The ignorance is breathtaking.

Moravian Level 7 Mar 16, 2019

Via those leaked e-mails between the so-called "scientists" who were claiming that climate change was due to people, we saw that they were advocating fudging their data to make the results go more in the direction they wanted it to wind up! This ain't curling, where you sweep the ice to make the kettle drift where you want it to go!
ANY man or woman who cherry picks their data, leaves out certain data sets they don't like, or puts in false data are NOT real scientists, they are FRAUDS!! A real scientist reviews facts, ALL of the facts, and does not pass judgment on any of them. He or she merely reports the actual findings of a real analysis, regardless of what the results are. Nobody who does less than that deserves to be called a scientist, but rather a charlatan.

Logician Level 6 Mar 16, 2019

What you've stated is exactly why and how "Climate Change" is a religion. It is a fanaticism that not only fabricates counterfeit scientific support but ignores the historical and geological record.


Climate change science isn't making an impact because the Koch brothers and others work quietly 24/7 to make sure that it does not make an impact. This is so they can avoid the EPA and other related agencies who would charge fines for actions in mineral extraction and manufacturing that show total disregard for humans, the land, air, and water. Rather than pay as you go to keep everything habitable and safely livable they pay money now in hope of re-education so they can make more profits later.

Since we currently live in Trumpworld maybe we can call this "fake science." I call it just more of modern insanity.

DenoPenno Level 8 Mar 15, 2019

Thanks for sharing. I noted: "While 70 percent of Americans believe climate change is happening, only around 40 percent think “it will harm me personally.” With every new disaster I think that number is changing but then people get so caught up with repairing the damage they forget what caused it in the first place.
I sent a link about this today. Climate Change is not a problem; it is a symptom of a bigger problem and we Americans, with our lifestyle are the biggest offenders. The French premier wanted to change the effect on Climate Change and raised the price of fuel by a few cents.Look where that got him. It was a disaster. People say they care but don't ask them to change their lifestyle even a little bit.
How many here realize that human population and activity are the main causes? That might be a start.

not that they don't realise, they don't care, as you said... how to make them care? Make them be less selfish? I'm probably seen as a fanatic for being minimalist, trying to live lightly, working in foreign aid etc. - or as not serious because I still eat some meat or use some plastic...

@Allamanda Did you see my earlier posting hile 70 percent of Americans believe climate change is happening, only around 40 percent think “it will harm me personally.” People don't want to make hard decisions - like buying small, fuel efficient vehicles, changing their food choices, reducing their consumption, and a=on and on. We are a lazy and often uncaring species and it will come to bite us and our progeny. The young people have a real reason for protesting.


Thanks for the link, although I found the commentary at the end to be of more interest than the article itself.

often the way...


I think there's a fair amount of preaching to the choir with most climate information coming out. Of course this will appeal to "thoughtful, intelligent, and well-informed people." I think it needs to be framed as an economic loss as in "this will cost me a lot of money". I also read an interesting article about how communicating climate change information using memes could be very effective also.


the intelligentsia=the dumbsia.

? finding that hard to make sense of or apply in any way

most of the "intelligentsia" have BAs & probably don't really have a clue about the science behind the claims being made & refuted re global warming.


denial, fake information, the fact it doesn't seem real (at least not to many), its as a future problem . . etc etc

yes, all that, but the risk assessment part, and the intelligentsia angle are new takes

@Allamanda many revel in their ignorance - sadly

@bookofmoron maybe you didn't take the point I took from the article - it's about WHY this info isn't accessible or readily propagated

@Allamanda I think it is available and it is widely distributed but for the reasons I noted, many refuse to acknowledge it. others are invested in the fossil fuel industry or fear the cost of transition.

I have several friends who are well educated and aware and yet will not do anything that interferes with the lifestyle they feel they have earned.

@bookofmoron I have some the same... but what do they think will happen to their children, grandchildren? come to that what do the likes of Trump think for theirs? It's incomprehensible to me that one can have no feeling whatsoever for the rest of society either current or future

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