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I have been closely following Pete Buttegieg and the more I watch his interviews, follow his career, notice his articulation, thoughtfulness and overall how resonates with watchers, listeners from all political leanings, I think Pete Buttegieg is going to be a serious contender in 2020.

Not only will he run a brilliant, innovative campaign with his highly motivated millenials, raise strong funds but he will win in every single debate opportunity that he will get. He is certainly winning people over with every radio, TV and print interview everywhere. I watched Obama early on in 2004 and I want to say that Pete comes across a notch better.

What impresses me about Buttegieg the most though is how much he contrasts not only to Trump but also to the large democratic candidate field. He does not use the campaign cliches that I am so tired of such as ..."I want to bring people together and not divide them" or... I am a uniter, not a divider.".... W T F !!!

First I was a fan of Beto but now I am of Pete. Trump will have to be very very careful of being brutal in debates with Pete. That will be Trump's ultimate self destruction move but Pete will also raise everybody in the debate hall to their feet with a big and long applause. The country is already has a fatigue of Trump's arrogance, irrational talk and action, extremism, lying, law breaking, and super narcissist persona and behavior that Pete will prove to be a perfect weapon to cut Trump down to size.

Buttegieg has made it clear that he understands the audacity of running this young, as gay for the highest office in the land. I am convinced that his team has a good assessment of the obstacles and a plan of how to get there. He is all gold but unfortunately is the conservative nation like the U.S.A. ready for a gay president is the question. Ireland which is a more conservative nation already has achieved 2 admirable milestones with Leo Varadkar - openly gay and a son of an immigrant.

Please comment with your thoughts.

By St-Sinner7
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Maybe its time to elect a woman for President, I think most of us know that the men have F**ked up the country enough.

TonyCarl1 Level 5 Apr 20, 2019

The country rejected a woman candidate in 2016. She could not seiz an easy potential victory.


I saw him in an extended interview and came away very impressed.

Sticks48 Level 9 Apr 18, 2019

I still would like to see a woman as President, but right now Pete is running 3rd, and that is without Biden throwing his hate in the ring. Remember Obama came from out of left field and people said a Black man would never become President, just like they said a reality host wouldnt. Once again we have over a year to decide, anything can happen, but for right now i am going to do my due diligence and study, study, the candidates. They all make promises, but can they really deliver, remember Mexico will pay for the still early, and the herd needs thinning.

TonyCarl1 Level 5 Apr 16, 2019

I've tried to do my homework on Pete Buttegieg. ....and to me he shines....quick, intelligent, humanely moral, .....if he makes it through the primaries, and depending on what the others can show me.........he's got my vote


What is his platform like? What does he believe about income inequality? About the gun violence in the USA? About the prison industrial complex? About environmental damage? About offering socialized healthcare or affordable pharmaceuticals for Americans? About raising the minimum wage to a livable wage nationwide? That's what I would like to know. I have no beef in this race since I am Canadian btw.

It is all here = []. Pete will also be good for Canada.

@Tiramisu why do some want someone else to do the work .....and then try to convince them ?

@HankSherman Beats me.

@HankSherman I did not want him to convince me I just wanted information on him. Just like you will not go out of your way to research Canadian or British or any foreign candidates, similarly others do not devote all of our time to researching US politicians.

@demifeministgal good to know. ...glad he was able to point you in the right direction

@demifeministgal Glad I was able to tell. Also, I never say no to women, lol


Obama was real star. He acted very good. Better than any Hollywood clown

I partially agree. He came on the scene and to the presidency as a savior, as a messiah for the progressives but turned out to be a false one. Healthcare and recovering the economy that was destroyed by Bush ad Carl Rove were the only 2 achievements according to me.


His religious beliefs are a real problem for me, BUT, they've all mentioned them.
Granted, in 45's case, he's just using that bullshit to pander to his idiot supporters.
I don't like that he cites his faith as often as he does, but the rest of the time, I like what he has to say, and how he says it.

I'm not particularly enamored of any of the other candidates.
Some of them, I straight-up do not like. That includes Sanders. I don't trust him.
He comes across as very false to me. He didn't in 2016, but he does now.
I don't particularly care for Harris, because I've already caught her in a couple of
I don't like any of the rest of them for a number of reasons.

I have already decided that I am most definitely going to support whomever goes
up against 45 next year.
As it stands right now, I'm hoping it's Buttegieg.

KKGator Level 9 Apr 15, 2019

I choose to be an independant when it comes to voting. I look and study everyone running for President. Buttigieg reminds me of a young John Kennedy. He has charisma, he speaks eloquently, and has some good ideas for our future, but its still very early, and i want to hear what the other candidates have to say. We definitely need change, remember Kennedy was a Catholic, but he was so admired. I really don't care what a mans religious beliefs are, as long as he does the job right, and I can respect him, not like the person whose is in the White House now and doesnt know his ass from a hole in the ground.

TonyCarl1 Level 5 Apr 15, 2019

I’ve listened to him on a few news talk shows and such and I have to say I like him. His faith doesn’t bother me. If that was the case I would never vote. When was the last time you saw an atheist/agnostic President?

It’s a long time to go but I want to see someone younger as President and a younger Congress in general. Like Beto, I think he needs a little more experience under his belt. Just my opinion. We’ll see where things go -it should be an interesting ride.

Beto for VP

@Green_eyes I could see that

I agree.....experience? ....intelligence is the problem solving tool....with him I think you just show him the problem and pull the trigger.

@HankSherman there’s something to be said for both experience and intelligence. Something that is sorely lacking right now.

@IrishTxJudy i totally agree..both would be preferred, and lastly, is it ever.....tanker plane water drops......what a mind looks like without intelligence


Him being a tool of apartheid Chosanistan is a disqualifier for me.

If you are talking about his military service, it wasn't his decision to invade.


No, it is his on the record comments supporting Israeli oppression.


Note: "good model for US."


"Last May, Buttigieg took a trip to Israel with other mayors that was organized by the American Jewish Committee, a global Jewish advocacy organization. Shortly after his return, Buttigieg was interviewed for the organization’s podcast. That was tough timing, as just four days earlier Israeli forces had killed dozens of Palestinians protesting the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem.

Still, Buttigieg had nothing but high praise for Israel, suggesting its way of handling security threats could be a good model for the US."


@WilliamCharles ah, thanks for the clarifications. I haven't been following him closely, but the nicely manicured snippets I have seen have appealed to me.


I agree. He has many positions I support, but certain things are dealbreakers for me.


Buttigieg certainly does come off as intelligent and articulate, mature, erudite, and composed; everything the current orangutan-in-chief is not. I have no issue with his sexual preference but I DO have an issue with his Xianity. He's a big fan of of the magic man in the sky and claims that his faith will guide his decision-making. This could become problematic for the population of this country who don't share in his fairytale faith.

He's also non-commital on his policies. He seems to try to be all things to all people. No one really knows where he stands on universal healthcare because he won't commit to any one stance. He also believes private insurance should remain in some way as a part of any healthcare reform. Wrong answer, Pete.

Despite his pledge to take no money from the fossil fuel industry he still takes donations from other big money donors and corporate interests. No matter how you slice it, that's fertile soil for corruption to take root.

He's very smart and a hugely talented politician. He'd bring intelligence and class back to the White House and bring respect for this country back to the world stage. He's basically another Obama; young, educated, articulate and classy. He seems to have some good ideas but I don't think he's the change agent this country needs for the reasons I outlined above. I'll take him over ANY Republican but I'd still vote for Bernie or Liz over Pete.

Let us wait to see his policy papers and more of his campaign. He just got started and now is ranking #3 in the field of 18 candidates.

@Tiramisu He's got big troubles on the horizon. He's a racist. Anyone in Indiana that was paying attention, that isn't a racist, was waiting for this shoe to drop. There are tape recordings of him conspiring to oust an African American from his job as Police Chief. Buttigiege is fighting, in Court, the release of tapes.

@SeaGreenEyez I wasn't aware of this. More to be suspicious of. He comes across as too much of a boy scout to be for real. Something's just...a little off..


I haven't really been paying much attention to his campaign, but it seems like everything you wrote here just says that he is better than trump without giving any specifics. I don't care if he "resonates with his audience" because thats the same thing as just telling them what they want to hear, and is entirely independent of having good political practices or having actual potential to make a positive change in this country.


I like him but his constant reference to his faith drives me a bit nuts. He’s smart and engaging but should seek a higher state post(senator or congressman). It will let him be a part of the law making process.

With all other good he has, I will tolerate him for peppering his faith on the campaign because winning is important. I prefer a pragmatists first and an idealist last.

@Tiramisu I agree with you. Democrats in the past 50 years have done better with younger candidates. I’m a pragmatist which is why I’m not on team Bernie.

@Green_eyes Correct, Bernie is showing us us a pie in the sky but we all know he will not be able to deliver. They all promise huge but don't deliver. I was excited about Obama in 2004 but that quickly turned into a disillusionment after he started courting republicans in his administration that we voted against by voting for him. WTF. And what did get get in return from the republicans? Nothing. Obama said in his own words that the republicans treated me like a dog. Talk about a failure of vision.

@Tiramisu Wow! And that is exactly what's turned America into a theocracy. It's also the same mindset that lead to this disaster called Trump. "He says what he thinks." "He's a great businessman." That's the ticket he won on. Truly terrifying that people just give in to religious ideology, while in a Secular nation by design. It's the one thing we should be guaranteed, it's the one thing too few seem to want to demand. sigh

I believe it is to show the Christians being gay does not make you a heathen. Just a guess.




I agree.very much so.


He's definitely a good speaker very intelligent with his responses to questions and vision for the future. But November 2020 is a long way off.

oldFloyd Level 7 Apr 15, 2019
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