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Think “Easter Island”....

The biggest mistake mankind has made in history is to violate the first law of nature. “Adapt to your environment.”

We learned to adapt the environment to us. Trees are cut to build a home. Minerals are taken out of ore to build the very phone I am typing on. Etc.

When we moved from nomadic lifestyles to settlements, food excess (agriculture) and safety (settlement) eventually led to over-population.

We are here. We are the top predator with no natural enemy other than ourselves.

We are so smart, ..., it has worked against us. Our excesses has the planet protesting. ....

By Marcel34057
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Birds and ants make nests, bees make hives, crocodiles make mounds, beavers make dams, ants farm aphids.....we are not alone in altering our environment to meet our needs.

powder Level 8 Apr 15, 2019

Very true. And these structures are minimalistic in general and temporary in nature.

Humans tend to be excessive and build permanent structures. And which animal has a cellphone? Cell towers etc etc.

@Marcel3405 for sure we take it to another level.


"I judge you as the trees do, by dying."

-Margaret Atwood-

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