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Not a rant, but a good to be aware talk. To know why this is happening, and how. To know who's telling the truth and who's not. Seeing people that don't care , not their fault, those are gray whale washing up on the beach all dying of starvation. You know their part of the earth carbon cycle. It's over . Wish they would lift this cover-up. Time for trials , with Obama in the front. We can't let the evil inherit what's left. It has 🌟 the thinning of the worlds poupulation. Call it year Zero. Baby boomers suck , I know I'm one. The young people.will soon grow to hate us , what we did to this beautiful planet.

By Bushshaker7
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I precede the baby boomers but I'm close. I agree most suck and I agree with your analysis of what we have destroyed. Right now everything looks very bleak.

gearl Level 7 July 12, 2019

My father is a baby-boomer who is terrified by what the younger generations will do to “his” America. I haven’t yet pointed out that the younger generation is pretty terrified by what his generation has already done.

A2Jennifer Level 7 July 11, 2019

Don't tell him but we the baby boomers . Besides killing the environment , would like to see if the younger generation would take over our Dept . We borrowed alot.u think they'll have hard feelings and be cursing at the baby boomers.? I would take it.

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