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I just read a news article about "climate despair" which discussed anxiety regarding unstoppable climatic changes. What are your thoughts on this?

By bioman8884
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I know that climate change is unstoppable, but I do not despair because I know that the full effects will hit us after my death. Given that I do not have children, I do not have to worry for them

Matias Level 8 July 12, 2019

That's what I have.

gearl Level 7 July 12, 2019

Me too. I think we will have it rough for the next 100 years and hope we either migrate to the stars and/or adapt quicker.


It is going to get very ugly. Basically as bad as most of your apocalyptic movies where nearly everyone is dead, or maybe even everybody.

While weather could create another Dust Bowl, the number of calamities will escalate until millions of refugees in various regions starve or are drowned and die off. Several other things overlap:
-The rest of the insects die off making food production scarce.
-The economic order will collapse--food, water and energy delivery will be cut off. Can WWIII be avoided?
-As disasters mount and people die off, existing nations will become hollowed out and fall.
-Order will be overtaken by martial law.
-Survivalists will fight against the military for control, and then for mere survival. The military referenced are those living in Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs).
-With the normal chains of disease interdiction hobbled, lethal viruses take off.
-If any humans survive, they will degenerate to primitives that live in harmony with nature (or what's left of it).

racocn8 Level 7 July 12, 2019

I am also in despair over resource depletion. Here is an estimate of how much more time we have left in the using of these elements:

gsiamne Level 7 July 11, 2019

many reputable scientists are more worried about a solar minimum doing way more harm in the not too distant future than global warming.



If you work in the biological sciences and applied sciences in a vulnerable area (as I do) it can be very hard to keep your chin up, keep proving your team or project is up on all the metrics, is showing a profit, etc. when climate changes are already making that vanishingly unlikely in real-time. On the other hand you don't have the option of failing, or not trying, because then you don't get it funded. It's very stressful.

Allamanda Level 8 July 11, 2019

Climate change is not unstoppable, but mankind will never stop it. The world will one day run out of resources for humans to take - then humanity will decline, more trees will grow and absorb the carbon dioxide and the earth wil rebalance ---- its a time thing, and the planet has plenty of that


They just want the hardworking people's money!

zesty Level 7 July 11, 2019

Who are “They”?

@Varn The environmental idiots.

@zesty So caring about the environment is stupid? That makes no sense. Actually, corporations benefit from lax environmental regulations and we tax payers fund the clean up. This has literally been shown time and time again.

@zesty Ah yes ..those filthy rich environmentalists ..willing to go without.. while attempting to save us from ourselves smile005.gif

@Varn Fuck all the Greens! Don't want to waste my time on them.

@zestywhat a catch smile003.gif And the perfect example of a mentality that makes it near impossible for anyone to point out the rare occasions when the far-wrong actually ‘get one right.’ If your thinking were as rare in the US as it is ‘around here,’ there’d be some hope for the world. As is … we are fucked smile005.gif

@Varn Terrible! Let's enjoy life before all ends.


It makes sense… I know and have known those who’ve worked hard for the changes in behavior that, if practiced by the majority of humans (especially in the US) would/ could go far to curb what’s predicted to be the worst scenarios. Their (law makers) candidates lose elections ..and conditions continue to get worse. What to do? Despair I guess smile005.gif

Varn Level 8 July 11, 2019

Many millennials are understandably not having children because they are worried about what kind of world their children would inherit.

there's no actual evidence of that so far. They may well be on the same trend as earlier groupings in having children later, but as they are too young to say... The probably cause is economics (student debt, inability to afford housing etc.) in any case,

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