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Something has been on my mind for a minute!!! This may be the forum to get some perspective without people getting in their feelings, especially the men . Neely Fuller jr , In the 60’s said that there would be a movement to effeminate the black male . I guess I could say more in relation to that statement but I will leave it at that.

By Outsideit676
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Effeminate, as in, taking responsibility for children they create? Or....?

AnneWimsey Level 8 July 12, 2019

No , as in one of a few ways to effect the black peoples ability to procreate in this nation I live in .

@Outsideit67 so, procreation, in this heavily overpopulated world, and knowing having children keeps most families, and especially single-mother-led families, in poverty, but otherwise it is highly desireable?


I don’t see many black guys walking around wearing man buns, so I guess it didn’t work. Some white dudes clearly went all in on that shit though.

webbew1 Level 7 July 12, 2019

Lmao 😂 but there is a rise of it in the community especially in place like Atlanta and other metropolitan areas .


Define what would masculine black males be like and what would an effeminized black male be like? So I can have a comparison.

Also, how would one do that on a social scale?

NoPlanetB Level 8 July 11, 2019

To describe what they would be like is a little presumptuous . The difference one willingness to procreate and the other desire not to

@Outsideit67 Then I call bullshit. If you cannot define what the issue is in question then it cannot be challenged or confirmed.


This likely won't be popular, good thing I don't care. 😉 There's a movement in America to effeminate ALL men. (Just sayin'.)

Ohferpetessake....because they aren't trapped in a "manly" stereotype, right?

It is not a popular subject, because my premise is different than the agenda that is pushed . I am thinking about it from a systemic racism point of view

@AnneWimsey It has NOTHING to do with anything stereotypical. And being manly hasn't got anything to do with it either. It actually isn't even about men.

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