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Who else is Sapiosexual besides me? Please stand up.


By balou8
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Count me in. Along with a sense of humor, and the desire to enjoy life.

Livinlife Level 9 July 14, 2019

For me, a man who is smart, book smart or self taught, and kindhearted, loves to talk as well as listen, is one sexy man. Since I only have a 2 year degree I've always been more attracted to people who have a much more full education than I have.


For me, the brain is certainly the number one erogenous spot.
That being said, it's funny but I try NOT to use the words intelligent, intelligence or even smart in my vocabulary. I find it a bit annoying, smug, pretentious when people say they're intelligent or smart. By the way,, what an arrogant name for a website! Who gets to decide who's intelligent and who's not? I wonder if someone's genius is someone else's idiot and the other way around.
Instead of intelligence, what if compatibility is the real turn on?


Me...but if it’s inside a great package....even better!


Yes, I am attracted to intelligence. However, there also needs to be humor, shared values, sexual chemistry, etc.

UUNJ Level 8 July 12, 2019

It is good to meet and talk with intelligent people and I could not contemplate sharing life with someone of moderately low intellect ..... if intellect actually improves sex? I think not - I have known some really dumb, women who were great sex partners

doesn't work well the other way round though to most women, unintelligent men tend to be unintelligent lovers shall we say.

@Allamanda I watch women dance - if she dances well, has timing, freedom of movement and smiles - then she will probably be good in bed (ps I dance - less now than I used to)

@ShadowAmicus LOL I have 2 left feet, but who doesn't like a man who can dance?

@Allamanda damn - and this site says you are a near perfect match - apart from the dancing, and being on the virgin islands. I did get to Cuba last November and I could easily teach you to waltz - maybe hope for us yet

@ShadowAmicus I had no idea people still waltzed, isn't that somewhat quaint? or are we in diplomatic circles?

@Allamanda a close waltz is like making love in public, bodies close, chests sliding across each other, thighs entwined and moving in perfect unison - great foreplay

@ShadowAmicus carry on, you might have me convinced...

@Allamanda try this waltz - the dress helps

@Allamanda or maybe you would prefer to tango

@ShadowAmicus that WAS rather wonderful!

@Allamanda see what you are missing out on - and is easy to learn......a while to get that good though


Yup same for me lovely woman near me borderline trumper so goodbye

bobwjr Level 9 July 12, 2019

Raises hand. I love a highly intelligent, funny man.

2 men make me melt...

slydr68 Level 8 July 11, 2019

I am. I love a fertile mind. The rest just seems to find its place.


I would say yes. #4 and #6. Super important smile001.gif)

GreatNani Level 8 July 11, 2019



Standing , jumping up and down , with both hands in the air .When I was preparing to move here, my ," little ," brother phoned our Mother and told her , to tell me , to get rid of my books . I said , Mom , the new to me house I just bought , has a library . We laughed . I have three additional book cases . Mom , was serviced by a book mobile that visited her home once a week , and left her with a novel length book , for each day of the week . When we were kids , Mom would load up her library card every week , picking out books for each of us . I usually have a couple stashed in the car , so I'll have something to read , if I'm waiting for an appointment . When I took the test for Mensa , I received a letter with my results - not only did I qualify for Mensa , but Intel as well . I truly hate having to pretend I dumb , just so the man in my life doesn't feel he has to cut me down to his level .

Cast1es Level 8 July 11, 2019

Me! And I live in an intellectual desert. 😩

Psmintexas Level 6 July 11, 2019

Hahaha! I hear you. Austin would be the place to live in Texas.

@balou You are so right! I love Austin. Very eclectic. Intelligence here is absolutely tabu. Everyone walks the same well worn rut. I feel as if I lose brain cells every day due to atrophy after being out in public.


Although I do have to admit I downsized my library. I moved too often and realized books need to be out there to be loved and read. They were just gathering dust on my shelves. I have less than 40 books in my house right now, but I have a well used library card.

Same here! The internet has really taken over when it comes to reading.



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