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I do pretty well at getting questions on Jeopardy right..except for the Bible/scripture's like who cares..anyone else?

By Charlene9
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One of the few benefits of my hyper religious upbringing is that I know the Bible and the scriptures inside out.
Really pisses of Missionaries and theists when I know the bible better than they do.


We don’t get Jeopardy here in the U.K....but we have plenty of our own Quiz shows. I’m pretty good at quizzing and am a member of a team which quiz (and win) pretty regularly. I can usually answer the bible questions better than the supposedly believers!

Not surprising.


TRUTHFULLY...I DON'T give a flying fuck for ex watches it all the time...answers a few SIMPLE questions...but also says NOTHING...and you here...oh yes, i knew it.


Same...I prefer Greek, Roman and Norse mythology personally...

slydr68 Level 8 July 11, 2019

β€œI’ll take nobody gives a flying fuck for 500, Alex”

And it"s the Daily Double..πŸ˜€


I'm pretty good at all things fantasy. I've never understood why that's a Jeopardy category. But, I know why. God Bless America. πŸ˜”

Oh we blessed for sure..πŸ˜‚

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