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Happy Left Hander’s Day everyone! In celebration, I’d like to formally ask which of the following sucks the most?

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By thegabster5
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I write lefty, so the stain on my hand was the biggie. I throw and play drums righty. I can use hand tools including a hammer with either hand. I can eat with either hand, but generally lefty. I AM A FUCKING MESS!

Sticks48 Level 9 Aug 21, 2019

Scissors are still my nemesis

brownH50 Level 6 Aug 14, 2019

not that anyone wears a watch anymore. they were right handed. just wore it on my left wrist and fumbled with the buttons nobs.

like others, i am sure, learned to use the scissors without the green coated finger loops.

larsatrg Level 6 Aug 14, 2019

Being a lefty has compensated by being able to tell people that I'm most often in my right mind.......learned to bat, shoot, catch , right handed


Mom was a lefty

bobwjr Level 9 Aug 13, 2019

My immediately family had six, left-handed artists and musicians. Both parents and all four kids. My daughter Claire and her father are left-handed.

Uni-Ball roller pens do not smear. I use them exclusively and carry one in my purse.

Why do left-handers die earlier than righties? Here's my theory:

  1. From absorbing all that ink, dragging our left hand over the page while writing.

  2. Being curled up like shrimp in stupid, right-handed desks in schools.

For sewing, left-handed pinking shears cannot be sharpened, even in the factory. Only right-handed shears can be sharpened. I demote dull pinking shears to making crafts like Valentine's Day cards.

I think I can sharpen them. Would like to try but first how much does a new pair cost if I ruin them?


Mine are Fiskars. $49.95



I do not find being left handed a hindrance due to the fact I adapted to tools etc from birth and also I can do some things right handed like throw a ball . But In school I did find binders a pain.

richiegtt Level 7 Aug 13, 2019

One of my grandsons is left handed and he also throws the ball right handed.


Hello fellow lefties stand up!!!

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