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The response to this photo of an Anti-Vaxxer is awesome. Some are especially wonderful!


By Rustee7
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Hilarious! Thanks for sharing!

Nuke Level 5 Aug 14, 2019

Brings up another question. Was he circumcised ?


One of the big things my ex and I disagreed on, he was against vaccinations. And due to that, he wouldn't let me vaccinated our two children. At first I reluctantly agreed but then the more I left the woo side of life, the more I believed in science and in vaccinations. And with the measles outbreaks we've been seeing in the US, even more so. He left the country, I got my girls vaccinated. I had a talk with their doctor about it in as far as what they needed at their age. They got the MMR and the TDap with polio. Those were the big ones I wanted taken care and my oldest got the one for meningitis as well. They had already gotten the chicken pox so didn't have to worry about that one.


Real spoiler alert:
Thousands or millions of children will die before Jesus returns.


Funny stuff.


Already did this

bobwjr Level 9 Aug 13, 2019

The comments are great!!!

NutMeg Level 4 Aug 13, 2019

😆 Some of those are deliciously brutal.

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