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Given that I am as old as I am, I could forget any concern for the younger generations, and leave it at that . . . . At the current uncertainty of my health, I could be around for another 20 years or gone in a year. But the way I see it is that people who have been through all that we old bastards have been through really do often have a window into things that the younger generation are unable to see, for whatever reason, and as long as we have the breath in us and the power of the pen, we should do what we can to effect positive change.
The world really needs it, in an extreme way. You can ignore the environment going to hell in a hand basket for now even, as I see it, (although it is not a wise course), to me, the real danger I see for the coming generations is the ascendancy, outright domination of world affairs by militarism, the proliferation of weapons, especially, although not exclusively, nuclear weapons, and the mentality that is fueling it. In fact, the mentality that is fueling it is worse than the weapons themselves, because it is a zero sum game with a guaranteed, and extremely negative outcome.
We of the older generation often adopt the mindset, in a rather naive way, of believing that everyone else knows, or should know what we know. But in fact, it is not true when you look at the masses . . . They lack wise leadership, and even the leaders of the masses are often the craziest, stupidest bastards one could imagine (John Bolton is a perfect example of a dumb-ass with no common sense whatsoever).
We who live on solid ground should not be sitting idle while the religious parasites and madmen drive humanity off a fucking cliff. By all rights, we think ABOVE them, we walk down paths that they are unable to even imagine, in fact, we are like gods compared to them . . . . Their fucking religion constrains their thinking to a very small, limited universe . . . . While ours is much larger and less limited . . . . And for that reason alone, and for the sake of coming generations, we should be, like Zeus, hurling every powerful thunderbolt we have at these misguided, sorry excuses for leadership.
Doubtless some people will sigh in their resignationism, and say "What difference can I make?". But I will have you know, many years ago, someone wrote a book, someone released some revealing information, someone ventured into the unknown, someone invented something that drastically altered the future. The day they did it, they never once considered what the impact would be, or how widespread it could be. Limits are for mortals . . . What we do in life, echoes in eternity . . . . We are here to supplant the gods man created, we are indeed superior to any of them, because WE, unlike them, actually exist.

I grew up under some of the worst possible circumstances; life has been a storm, but this ship's captain has learned to enjoy the waves, take advantage of the wind, enjoy the thunder, lightning and rain, navigate to better shores, defy all of the gods, rise to any challenge . . . And grow stronger as a result.

“It is not light that we need, but fire; it is not the gentle shower, but thunder. We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake.” Frederick Douglas

Given that I am as old as I am, I could forget any concern for the younger generations, and leave it at that . . . . We must refuse to surrender, or go out with a whimper. Fuck that.

Archeus_Lore 7 Sep 11

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I respect you, your wisdom, and I would like to know how to proceed.

My point of attack for now is on Facebook, I have over 4000 friends, (I purposely maximize the exposure by adding friends who have a lot of friends) and when I share a post that catches on, it can go to a lot of people, because after my friends share it, it goes to their friends, and so on, so it can be quite a lot of people who see it . . . also, I have probably more friends from other countries than I do from the USA, so my coverage is world-wide. After I retire, I am considering doing public speaking, or writing a book, maybe both. As for what we can do, I would say we all have our strengths and weaknesses, and we all know them well . . . . use what you have, and go at it . . . . An example of a very good public speaker is here, it is a little out-of-date now, but I would still say relevant . . .

although I do not think she realizes just how effective it was. I also develop high-impact, hard hitting images, that get a lot of shares practically every time I post them. (Probably one of the most shared images I have created is the one below.)
We live in an age where communication can be lightning fast, and widespread, we should be using it to our advantage!

I think your right. I feel like I should do something.


In addition to all that is the rise of right wing nationalism worldwide. Countries such as USA,UK, Brazil, Hungary all have right wing govts.. and other countries have an upsurge in nationalism including Germany (scary)


I keep talking about it with my grandson . He and i are cut from the same cloth. I don't have to dumb it down or pretty it up. He is young and realistic and will have to run with it. There are lots of young people like that. I am optimistic for their future,

you are fortunate to not understand history. in particular debt & economic cycles.

@callmedubious You assume that.


Working on it 😉

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