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Was there something that prompted you to leave your religion? I was happy to go along half believing there was something out there, until some personal tragedies in my 30s caused me to start reading the Bible. If you read the Bible for yourself and don't listen to all the excuses people make for the contradictions, and horrible stories in it, you'll probably end up a non-believer like I did.

Eazyduzzit 7 Sep 11

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I was raised agnostic, and read the entire Bible at 21 yrs. My reaction to it was that it is part ancient history, part poetry, part morality tales, part philosophy and much horror, xenophobia, and misogyny. Reading it did not make me become religious, but rather the opposite.


As a teen the Bible was not easy to read, and most of it seemed irrelevant, especially the Old Testament which is primarily a history of the Jews along with their mythology. I wasn’t sold on the key doctrines of Christianity either, but I faked belief so as not to rock the boat. I have never felt led to sit down and read the Bible.

Turning away from old myths and dogma was for me just the beginning of a life of awareness, reverence and awe. I like to think that I threw out the bath water and kept the baby. Others tell me I’m full of woo.


The same for me, except that my reading of the Bible occurred in my teens. By the age of 15, I had read it from cover to cover three times. Each succeeding time it made less sense.

When I was young, I didn’t like church and I just lived my life without thinking all that much about religion.


As one who studied for the ministry I was good at reading the bible for myself.

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