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Explains in detail the climate hoax. 50 years of being wrong, double speak, and threatening to end democracy in the name of the climate. The occult is strong with these climate people.

Veteran229 7 Sep 11

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I sometimes wonder if climate change deniers like flat earthers are just stupid or do they have a hidden agenda. Probably just stupid.

i can't believe anyone with normal intelligence could have watched that video & uttered such an inane, ignorant reply.

@callmedubious I rthought I was watching a trailer for that awful movie "The day after tomorrow".
I think I remember a few tabloid headlines from back then warning of a new ice age but that's as far as it got;


Keep climbing your idiocy ladder.


There it is!


As usual, you are out of your absurd mind.


Troll, troll, troll your boat...


So, explain why my grandmother's daffodils (I am 71!) bloom 3-4 weeks earlier than they ever have for about the last 10 years. Any gardener will tell you the "zones" (what you can plant, where, according to the lowest & highest temperatures that can tolerate) have shifted A Lot. You think plants care about statistics, or your agenda?
You are an IDIOT!

Your post is exactly the problem. In the 70's a blizzard period set forth the propaganda machine on cooling. As the video explains. Now It is warming, and/or both. Little swings cause fear in the weak minded, to extract resources and or liberty.

@Veteran229 if you are unable to observe for yourself that trees are flowering, every year 3-4 weeks early (and you can check with Google for Planting Zone data now vs. 20 years ago) more than your eyesight is weak.

@Veteran229 It is actually the weak minded that believe every conspiracy YouTube video. Check out the pine bark beetles... Do some reading on that! Check out the glaciers melting at an alarming rate!

Is part of the Earth's warming and cooling cycles left up to mother nature... Yes! But you cannot tell me that releasing billions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere is helping our environment. You cannot tell me that fracking for natural gas with carcinogenic chemicals is good for drinking water.

@RiverRick, @AnnaWimsey common sense dictates CO2 is great for plant life because it is their food. Which may explain early blooms. Plant life and animal life, change when an abundant food supply is available. But lets just ignore basic scientific fact, so we can spread fear and reach onto people's pockets.

@RiverRick "It is actually the weak minded that believe every conspiracy YouTube video. " really? Video that compile published papers and video? Ahh your closed mind more than likely didn't even watch the "heresy" video. Had you watched it, climate papers were cited, showing their political 2 step.

@AnneWimsey, @RiverRick much like,the time of,the,dinosaurs. Higher co2 meant more plant growth, which let herbivores get larger and larger. These large herbavoir became the increased food supply for the carnivores. Much the same as people are taller today than 200 years ago. As evidenced by the door frames of historical houses. The average human height has increased since developing modern agriculture. Which is backed by medicine and the lack of nutrition, which stunts development of growth in children.

@RiverRick the absolute occult blindness comes in when one looks at the data. Jurassic and other paleo eras get their carbon data from ice cores. Those periods being extremely warm and 1000x co2 levels. ICE WAS STILL FORMING TO CAPTURE CO2 INSIDE OF IT. Co2 will not destroy a single thing. Change yes, but it has benefits too. Only if you ignore all of these facts can your religion of climate change tread water.

@Veteran229 1.again with the myths...doorways were short to keep the heat from the fireplace or stove in that room...each "living room" had a heat source. Since heat rises, a short doorway let less of it escape..... a small price to pay to lug less wood.
2.Seen any pix of Glacier National Park lately? Time-lapse photography will show you it No Longer has a Glacier, and the melting. And that is a world-wide phenomenon. (GRreenland, for example) And less white reflective surfaces means the darker earth sucks up & stores even more heat, a pretty vicious cycle.

  1. How much do you/would you enjoy living in true tropical heat? Unbearable for me & many others.
  2. So now you have stopped denying it is getting warmer? And are trying to say it will be good for us?

@Veteran229 You deniers... Your ignorance is only topped by all the misinformation you "think" you know.

@Veteran229 I personally have several physical problems that are Hugely exacerbated by heat & humidity. And so do many others. The wild growth of fungus, mold, etc will be fun now you have given upon telling us "it's no biggie" and going to try to convince us it will be Good for us? Uh huh.

@Veteran229 Where did you get your education? Fragglerock?

@Veteran229 ummm, daffodils are bulbs that live about 6" under the soil, are triggered to grow in the spring by soil temps. Your ignorance of how things live is not only astounding, but dangerous!

@AnneWimsey 3)I have been to central America twice. It is like summer in Ohio, just no winter. It is not bad. Besides humans came from apes and are tropical animals. It is our preferred climate. We would reduce consuption of fossil fuels by reducing winter heating. So it is very good for us as a species.

4) it is a natural cycle. This is made obvious by the doomsday climate occult. They ignore evidence of medieval warming and mini ice age, as cycles. For the intent to spread gloom and doom to empty wallets. The heat rend is natural, just like the model warming period.

2) "stores even more heat, a pretty vicious cycle." Yes it is a cycle. One day it will do the opposite.

1)Wrong modern medicine supports this, as I said. Proper nutrition lets us grow bigger. As evidenced by lack of nutrition stunting growth. []

The aeticle speaks of this as well as the cooling period between 1300-1800. Known as the little ice age. People shrank because food was scarce.

@AnneWimsey "ummm, daffodils are bulbs that live about 6" under the soil, are triggered to grow in the spring by soil temps." And? That is just one plant. Not plants as a whole. This once again, is your issue. One thing makes you assertive, as you ignore the rest of the picture. Just exactly like the climate propaganda. Make a leap with your emotions and hand over your wallet, but don't think for yourself. Just smile,nod, and comply.

@AnneWimsey " I personally have several physical problems that are Hugely exacerbated by heat & humidity. " Your genetic abnormalities vs a climate suited for the human species? Sad for you, I chose the species. So does Darwin.

@Veteran229 Genetic, not so much..... result of chiropractor injuring one of the arteries in my neck. Look up Horner's Syndrome. Jump to conclusions, much?

@Veteran229 You know I used daffodils as one concrete example, and I know you can see all flowering plants & trees blooming 3-4 weeks earlier. Being willfully obtuse does not help you......


I have yet to understand how Al Gore and bunch are going to fix this by offering you a pollution credit that you can buy while they push a point and get richer.

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