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So,they caught Jerry Falwell Jr in a Miami nightclub he said he was never at. There are pictures of him being there, and now people are calling him a 'hypocrite'. He runs an evangelical university my friends! Hypocrite is in his job description😂

By TheRevjoe6
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Surprise, surprise, surprise! I wonder if he can sob & whine on TV as well as his dad & their ilk could......


His father was a hypocrite, as are his friends Huckabee and Santorum. The entire Moral Majority and the Evangelical movement were built on hypocrisy.

t1nick Level 8 Sep 11, 2019

He is a horse's ass! Liberty is a few hours away from me and a lot of their graduates settle in my town. When I hear someone say they graduated there I just have a laugh... And avoid them.

RiverRick Level 7 Sep 11, 2019

Seems normal. Jimmy Swaggart reportedly told a prostitute that her young daughter could also join in with them. At a later time on TV with many tears in his eyes he said "I have sinned against you, my lord." I knew quickly why he only had one child.

DenoPenno Level 8 Sep 11, 2019
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