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It's going to be a bright, bright, sunshiny day!!

By bigpawbullets8
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Hopefully he’ll be around till 2024.

Trajan61 Level 8 Sep 11, 2019

My Glock needs cleaning.. I shot up a can of Off bug spray that lost it's compression yesterday while at the farm.


Does artificial tan come in yellow?



Looks like another Milo Yiannopoulos wannabe.


You at it again I see.. 😂👍

My two "political" posts yesterday garnered an amazing amount of points! 👌😎

@bigpawbullets Oh I saw that... 🤣 Watching them have those aneurysms was rather fun. Let's do it again next week... or today. What ever works for you. 😄

@Captain_Feelgood, it's so weird how all those aneurysms got more likes than his post. I'm glad you enjoy your outcast status.

Oh @Ms_McSteven, careful there.. That vein in your forehead is getting big again.. Haaaahahaha... Outcast by whom? If I was never IN YOUR group, (much less wanted to be) how could you eject me.. But that's okay, I don't expect self absorbed Narcissists to understand such a concept.. Have a good day. 🤣

@Captain_Feelgood, you really think this giant grin on my face is an aneurysm? Nah, you're thinking you're important again.

Look up "narcissist".

@Ms_McSteven Yes, and making someone out as an 'outcast' makes you feel good.. You like to feel superior to others. That's the whole point. I don't just think I'm important, I know I am, just like everyone else is important.. That's the difference in you and I.. You don't think everyone is important. You feel you are superior. And if someone doesn't agree with you, then make them an outcast.. THAT makes you feel good about yourself.. What a sick person you are! Folks like you are what make for bad neighbors..

@Captain_Feelgood. "Watching them have those aneurysms was rather fun"

You find humor in aneurysms. I take care of those who have suffered aneurysms.


@Ms_McSteven It's called sarcasm.. I knew none of them were actually having an aneurysm.. Here's a dollar.. buy a clue. 😒

@Captain_Feelgood, where's a dollar? It's 120 degrees on my bus today, I'd like a cold bottle of water, please.

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