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I am posting this 18 years to the minute after the first tower was hit.
Back then I was in a Windemere shop, buying a suede coat and as soon as I walked outside could see people crying in the street. I had no idea why, but soon spotted a small crowd outside a shop selling TVs, made my way over and saw the burning tower ... I was watching hundreds, if not thousands dying, but had no idea what had happened.
Someone said a plane had crashed ... my mind reeled ... I guessed instantly that it was a deliberate act as any pilot would steer away from a tower. Then, we all watched in horror as the second tower was hit .... confirming it was no accident ....
I realised the world had changed and wondered what would come next ... as it turned out, much less than I expected .... it was a slow, grinding roll out of imperfect retribution..

For anyone directly affected by this atrocity ... please accept my heartfelt commiserations.

ShadowAmicus 7 Sep 11

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What I remember a general impression of mine being at the time was how there were a complete lack of preparedness for such events to occur. Yes this was the largest scale hijacking of its kind, but certainly not the first hijacking. Did all people in all fields concerned with public safety never think hijacking of planes was possible and somewhat probable and something to take steps to prevent? Yes hindsight is 20/20 of course, but the successful simultaneous hijacking of four commercial planes seems almost impossible. But yet it did happen. It seems the Air Force did practice simulations of similar type scenarios, but no real precautions were taken on the ground, in the planes, at the airports.


I was running errands & stepped into my vets for meds...the TV in the waiting area was showing these shots. And I said, "Well, there goes our civil liberties".... I t wasn't that I wasn't beyond horrified, but I could see the future in a weird flash......


The world changed but not in ways I expected.

That day, those moments, are etched on me like a deep scar.

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