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How can the people in the Christian heaven be living in paradise? Don’t they feel any upset for those in hell forever? They should be upset and asking their God for a solution. Not very forgiving is it?

MirrorManTom 3 Sep 11

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One interpretation of the "lake of fire" that the condemed are thrown into is a total "burning" of them from existence, including all memories of them. So a good xtian mom who raised a bunch of kids would only remember having the (let's just say) 3 with her in heaven, blissfully enjoying eternity with the ones that made it and never knowing that the others even existed. Pretty cool, huh?

Of course this interpretation is contradicted by other interpretations and seriously, who's gonna stop sinning if the end result is an afterlife that athiests think is what happens anyways? Gotta have hell and eternal punishment for pissing god off for less than a century.

1of5 Level 8 Sep 11, 2019

I think the entry criteria for Heaven are a bit tough if Dante is anything to go by. Even purgatory is beyond my reach. My best shot is with the worthy pagans which is quite pleasant but a level just before entering Hell. You don’t enter Hell but don’t get get the chance of redemption through purgatory because you didn’t believe in it in the first place.


Supposedly the folks in heaven are there for eternity. Once you attain it your in. I ask then, how can there be free will in heaven? Somebody is going to get fed up and want to leave or else everybody is in a state similar to "Brave New World," forever high on soma or a similar drug. Christians seem to love absolutes but those ideas don't work out so well when you think a matter through.

gearl Level 7 Sep 11, 2019

It stands to reason that these souls would either be happy that god's work is being done or have had any knowledge of their loved ones in Hell removed from their being.


As a very young child, this "Hell Forever" stuff put the first crack in my thinking..."forever" because I ate meat on Fridays ??? And I wasn't in a Catholic family or church! Just harsh!


See, this is why Christianity and a conscience don't mix. I'll bet you've never even burnt a single witch.

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