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Meter man from utility company had something to say about my shirt.

By Deb578
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Best shirt I have seen in a while.......


Was he looking to buy a ticket?



bobwjr Level 9 Oct 9, 2019

Fabulous shirt! Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke!


Looks fine, I hope the meter reader was polite. 😉

oldFloyd Level 7 Oct 9, 2019

He was. I had forgotten that I was wearing this particular shirt and it took me a second to realize why this young pup was staring so long at my chest.

@Deb57 that's the problem with printed T-shirts you need to read them. I think it's cute. 😉

@oldFloyd thank you! smile001.gif


Shit,dude,It’s a little late in this century to play the sensitive card. Or any other century, for that matter.

You must not be paying attention then. Society has become ever more sensitive as time moves along.

We're also at the beginning of this century.


Does the moon have the surface area for approximately 4 billion people?

I hate measuring things.


Chicks, always getting shit wrong.

We put 12 men on the moon, dammit!

1of5 Level 8 Oct 9, 2019

@AzVixen52 the facts may be wrong but at least our punctuation is correct! smile009.gif

Also, I don't care if the meter reader was butthurt. IMO she should get a shirt that says something along the lines of "We sent 12 men to the moon. Why did we stop sending them and more importantly, why did we bring them back?".


I don't blame the meter man if he took offense at your shirt's message. After all, it's extremely sexist. Women understandably and legitimately get pissed off when men do or say sexist things, but then somehow think it's perfectly okay to man bash. Well, I'm here to tell you that you can't have your cake and eat it, too. Fair is fair. I say either burn the shirt, or at the very least use it as a dust rag.

Rob48 Level 7 Oct 9, 2019

behave you fool its called fun ffs

@LeighShelton Forgive me if I don't think man bashing is funny.

Oh, dear! Fragility alert! Did my T-shirt shrivel your male privilege? Cry me a river, dude. I can swim it.

@Deb57 " . . . shrivel your male privilege" tells us all we need to know about where you're coming from.

@Deb57 The dude has an excellent point.

Very good, @Rob48, I wasn't going for subtlety. Men who take themselves so seriously, that a jab of no more magnitude than my T-shirt would unseat them, can go right ahead and sulk about it. Petulant expressions will make the red flags that much easier to spot.

@Rob48 go burn your bra mate

@Deb57 indeed xxx

@Deb57 Do you have any idea of the things I'd be called in 2019 if I wore a similar shirt geared in the other direction?

Your shirt doesn't bother me. Not much in the humorous vein does. In fact, I laugh at some horrible, horrible things; my sense of humor is twisted more than licorice and darker than the abyss. But the man has raised an excellent point about the double standard in play here.

@maturin1919 I can see calling it a double standard if the two sexes had always enjoyed equality, but when the person making the joke comes from the sex that has been marginalized, oppressed, beaten, ridiculed and bashed for centuries, does it really qualify as a double standard? I manage not to get my knickers in a twist when a person of color takes a humorous jab at white people. I usually laugh, too. As a survivor of toxic masculine abuse, I have literally rolled with the punches to the point that the sentiment on my shirt seems pretty darn vanilla. Rob48's reaction says a whole lot more about him than it does about me.

@Deb57 Yes, it's a double standard.

If blacks had gotten their freedom and then immediately turned around and enslaved whites, would that be equality? Would we brush that off because it came from the group of people who had been marginalized, disenfranchised, and treated as sub human? Would that have been okay?

Equality is not pushing the pendulum back to the other side. Do you want equality, or do you want revenge?

@maturin1919 are you seriously equating me wearing a novelty T-shirt with push-back for millenia of women being subjugated, raped, beaten, bought and sold, traded for land, used as slave labor, bred like cattle, ridiculed, betrayed, kept in poverty, and marginalized even in the present day first world? Do I want equality, or do I want revenge? Honey, the magic T-shirt that could adequately manage either of those things hasn't been made, but if it ever is, I'll be one of the first of millions in line to buy one. Depending on the day, I want both.

@Deb57 If you're going to hold me accountable for centuries of shit neither of us were alive for there's no point in continuing the discussion. But I'm completely sure you see my point and understand it.

If your notion of equality is to do unto others as you didn't want done unto you, it's revenge you seek, not equality. And all that results in is you being a culpable party and a future day when the pendulum gets pushed back in your direction.

@maturin1919 That's an excellent point. Wanting revenge does nothing to alleviate the problem; it just exacerbates it. Like you, I see no point in continuing this discussion. Like many men, I've taken the "Me Too" movement to heart and will continue to respect and fairly treat women. Angry, vengeful women won't deter me, but they will give me pause because they've seemingly identified with their abusers . . . a la Patty Hearst.

Well, the only way I can respond to two privileged men trying to use guilt to manipulate a woman they don't even know, because they don't like what she's wearing, is to suggest that you smile. You'd both be a whole lot prettier if you'd just smile...

@Deb57 Dear Deb . . . it occurs to me that the men you've encountered on your path must have been brutes and jackasses. I'd just like to remind you that not all men are like that. As for smiling, I'll put up a smiling-faced profile photo if you'll do likewise. smile002.gif

@Deb57 This is for you, Deb! Didn't have any recent smiling visages as there hasn't been that much to smile about of late.

@Rob48 See, you are cute when you smile. And I am smiling in my profile pic, but apparently not enough to suit you? And you are right. I tend to be a magnet for brutes and jackasses. Know all those traits that women are supposed to cultivate, like being patient, trusting, nurturing, generous, supportive, and always amiable? Well those are the precise traits that malignant narcissists hone right in on when they want somebody to use and abuse. But even though I can't see the good men for the monsters blocking my view, it's all my own fault for making poor choices...

@Deb57 Sound arguments are sound. If you feel guilt, well...

Good luck with the vengeance though, personally I'm shooting for am equitable society.

@maturin1919 do you think I should feel guilt for being a dirtbag magnet? Why should I? Zero guilt, but I do feel rather cheated.


Tell us... what did he say/ smile001.gif

He stared at my torso for a while (slow reader?) and then said, "Heh. That's very funny." But he didn't sound sincere. smile009.gif

Ha... ha... he was reading and thinking at the same time. It takes time multi-tasking.

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