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Meter man from utility company had something to say about my shirt.

Deb57 8 Oct 9

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Best shirt I have seen in a while.......


Was he looking to buy a ticket?




Fabulous shirt! Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke!


Looks fine, I hope the meter reader was polite. 😉

He was. I had forgotten that I was wearing this particular shirt and it took me a second to realize why this young pup was staring so long at my chest.

@Deb57 that's the problem with printed T-shirts you need to read them. I think it's cute. 😉

@oldFloyd thank you! 🙂


Shit,dude,It’s a little late in this century to play the sensitive card. Or any other century, for that matter.

You must not be paying attention then. Society has become ever more sensitive as time moves along.

We're also at the beginning of this century.


Does the moon have the surface area for approximately 4 billion people?

I hate measuring things.


Chicks, always getting shit wrong.

We put 12 men on the moon, dammit!

1of5 Level 8 Oct 9, 2019

@AzVixen52 the facts may be wrong but at least our punctuation is correct! 😉

Also, I don't care if the meter reader was butthurt. IMO she should get a shirt that says something along the lines of "We sent 12 men to the moon. Why did we stop sending them and more importantly, why did we bring them back?".


Tell us... what did he say/ 🙂

He stared at my torso for a while (slow reader?) and then said, "Heh. That's very funny." But he didn't sound sincere. 😉

Ha... ha... he was reading and thinking at the same time. It takes time multi-tasking.

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