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Apparently cancer was not enough. I fell last Nov and shattered my pelvis & cracked my sacrum top to bottom. That was a bitch to do Rehab on. Then my Ortho Surgeon said I shouldn't have broken, and sent me to a Endocrinologist. The bone density is OK, but the Doc found that my thyroid is dead and I'm pre diabetic. On the way out of his office a woman too old to be driving hit my lovingly cared for PT Cruiser convertible. Then I have surgery for knee replacements, which I was slow to recover from. Now I'm having memory issues and had a CT and MRI last week.
The gift of being agnostic is I can't feel picked on, nor can I expect any deity to help me. My husband is supportive, my mother is worthless, and 2 of my 3 children were a waste of my time and hard work. This falls under the umbrella of " Shit Happens". Shit will continue to happen until I'm dead. I have 4 years left on the cancer survival projection, but now I'm worried about my memory diagnosis. Since cancer, I'm not afraid of much other than loss of autonomy. The scans last week reminded me that I continue to be moderately claustrophobic, and being restrained turns me into a monster. Happy, happy. Joy, joy.

ForTheBirds 6 Oct 9

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Hospitals do treat people like cattle. If you are admitted, remember: You did not check your civil rights at the door. Only you can be your advocate. You are responsible for you, so take it seriously. You have the right to say no to any or all of it. Be certain you know what they intend to do. All of it. You can request to see a video of the procedure. They are reluctant to allow you to really know because they don't want you to be so frightened that you refuse. The reason I know this is because I've seen them do it to you. Women in labor are treated the worst when they sould be treated the best. They used to do chest surgery on extremely premature babies with no sedative at all, the reason being that a 2.5 pound baby was not expected to have enough functional brain development to feel pain. They sedate them now, the secret got out and parents insisted with lawsuits.


I am really sorry you have been going through this. I really am.You are one tough lady. I don't have emojis on my computer so have a hug.


Crap. So sorry you're going through all this. I'm feeling for you. Feel free to vent here if you need to. Being on has been a great sounding board and source of support with my own stuff.


I feel so bad that you are having all these problems. I know there is nothing I can do but just hope that your health improves. I have viewed your photos several times and I admire your looks. You are beautiful. Hang in there ....I hope you will get better.


I am sorry to hear that. In reading your posts I would say you have lived quite an eventful life . All incandescent think to say is to strive to find as much joy out of each day as you can ! Legal or not.


Stay strong honey you can beat this

I can't beat this. Everybody dies. How and when are a concern. I'm a nurse, and whatever it is, I've already seen it. I've arranged to go to a state that allows medically assisted suicide, not right this minute, but when the time comes.

@ForTheBirds good for you very sorry for what happened


You are obviously a very strong woman. I hope none of the predicted bad things come true but if they do you will still be a special lady.


you've had a run of shitty luck, your luck is due to change.


Very sorry for your situation. Good luck.


When my wife and I separated, my daughter was 6. I did all I could to support them, but at 13, my daughter began to shun me, and my ex refused to do anything, or more likely, encouraged it. She's 20 now and I haven't heard from her in more than a year. I don't wish that kind of disrespect on anyone, but I feel a little better to know I'm not alone. I don't advise anyone to date or marry a bipolar; really, they should be sterilized. And that even includes my daughter.


You're still here. Appreciate the people who do care, and who you care about. Feel the ground beneath your feet. Sending good vibes your way for healing and calm...Bob


Get well soon. Hugs, Kathleen


As a 6 year leukemia survivor I have short term memory loss and other physical issues. You are most welcome to vent at Cancer Sucks/Cancer Survivors. We have other support groups here as well. Sounds like you need to get things out.

To what do you attribute your memory loss ? Chemo ? Rads ? Talking about how bad it sucks does not change outcome, so I no longer indulge. I'm angry. I am OK with angry, angry is real. I pay a shrink to listen to me vent. So far he hasn't tried to commit me. I avoid talking to anyone that might say " Everything happens for a reason." I say " Why are you talking to me?" quite often.


Life isn't fair, and that statement albeit fully true, still sucks. Best wishes.

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