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MOST WASTEFUL thing I can IMAGINE for the human race. The 85% DON'T LIKE THEIR JOB.

People look for jobs that will make them a great deal of money, first. Rather than looking for work they like most. I personally never understood this. Yet when I see 12 years of indoctrinations schools and Corporation-ism take over, then I can see why.

Your own desires and leadership of your own life is far more important. When likes for your work turn into deep likes. This can evolves into a loving your work. Then the money will come in long term rather than short term.
Base on my own experience and top world class veterans sculptors I often work with.

When it take 12,000 sculptors for one to be able to make a living at it. Shows anyone, in any profession can pull this off. Than anyone from the 85% wasting most of their waking hours of their lives not liking what they do, can change also..

Most common thread to reaching greatness into anything you do. Is investing 10,000 hours of work into what you love to do.

Any better ideas?

Castlepaloma 7 Oct 9

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Years ago I loved my job. Now, because someone put money away for me, I am blissfully retired.

Retirement covers alot for bills, ok for survival. What about thriving and living it up?. Is there any other purpose in life you enjoy doing, or gives you higher energy?. Maybe just to live longer.

@Castlepaloma I'm doing it.

Great, one winner.


Why is it a waste? I understand your reasoning about wanting a job tthat at makes you happy, but that doesnt make other types of jobs a waste.

I get the feeling you think that your unique experience is somehow generalizable and translatable.

I say whatever works, I am sharing what has worked for me. Not giving out workshops on it, like free online. Plus dozens of others sculptors I've trained who went on to happy lifestyle of Individual independence work. If a man loves selling hot dogs on a street corner, I am happy for him.

Would love to see more individualism or entrepenurs have more purpose or aim in their lives more than being comfortably numb.

Asking for ideas here, give me a piece of lettuce here, ...anything.

In the End it's about the most joys in life, not the most toys.


I've always been fascinated with machines and electricity so I chose a career working with electricity and machines I've been happy with both there's always a bad spot at any job but it only lasts for a short length of time, at least for me take the good with the bad. And party on Garth! 😁


Work that you love can quickly become work that you hate if/when assholes come along and take charge of it. Good and fair bosses are a very rare breed.

Zster Level 8 Oct 9, 2019

You have that right

How many bosses say thanks?

I think I hear more people dislike their boss than they do the actual work.

@Castlepaloma Was very true for me.


I think we need to try a very radically different economic system. Perhaps a universal basic income paid for by the billionaire class. This would provide people an opportunity to pursue jobs they love.

We could have evolved so differently. People could have been taught to do the things they are good at, and like to do, from childhood forward. Everyone could be educated equally to their own learning potential. We could have been a cooperative society. We could have operated without any monetary system whatsover. We could have helped each other to succeed and made sure everyone had everything they need, regardless of gender, race...or even beliefs. Instead, humanity allowed the greediest to become the most powerful. And I do believe religion contributed highly to this. Culture all over the world is now "what's in it for ME?" I am ashamed to be a human.

I don't have answers for the greedy. Although women leaders in Iceland lock up 29 bankers. The country change from bankruptcy to one of the wealthiest countries per capita in Europe.

Let assholes be assholes, being an entrepreneur rather than a working stiffs has been the best successful life stories. I have ever experienced with or ever heard of.

@MissKathleen ,
it is rather depressing that the greedy sociopaths run the world.
no wonder i need my beer & whiskey in the evening.

@callmedubious I’m glad I haven’t felt the need to go that route.

@MissKathleen ,
not the greatest solution.

I just take a little weed to sleep well by every night.

I don't think alcohol is a good solution.


People have bills to pay. I thought that would be obvious.

Always some kind of brain washing going on.

Time is Money.
My time is worth more than money.

I mostly build sandsculptures for a living for over 40 years. A lawyer asked me, - You don't make a living at this. Replied, I have to pay my bills. Lawyer said, you should be doing this for free.
He is jealous.

You Can't have your cake and eat it too. Why not?

Another thing is don't mix bussiness with personal. Why? I have interwoven my personal and business together into a pleasure bussiness. Or would not had enough time for a personal life.

@Castlepaloma Bills have to be paid. That's not brainwashing, that's a fact.

I already stated it is a fact, that bills must be paid to that lawyer in my story. The difference was, he did not love his work, no matter, his work pays well. I love my work for 40 years and get paid well also, probably more than him.

@Castlepaloma Yeah, well, lots of things people love to do don't pay the bills. It's not as simple as 'do what you love' for that very reason. This seems absurdly obvious to me.

It's all well and good to create a better world. But in the meantime we have to live in the one we've got.

@Castlepaloma I'd have LOVED to pay the bills by roaming the outfield for the Philadelphia Phillies. Unfortunately, that's just not realistic.


Going back to work after 7 years of not working-can't survive on Social Security so got a fun job with candy company. If I have to work -make some money, have some fun!

Which is a good thing πŸ˜‰

Better than moving to Florida. Stop working your mind and body and end up like a beached up whale in a few years.


I was raised in the shadow of Boeing, where the school system and socio-economic culture was focused around producing people to work for Boeing and/or one of the myriad companies that contracted to Boeing. That's just the way things were, here.

The near collapse of Boeing in the 70's made me vow to never work for them, and I never did. What it taught me, though, is that a company doesn't value you, only what you can do for them. If you cost more than you bring in you're gone. Simple as that.

I never had any delusions about loving my job - tolerating it over the long term was the best to hope for, really. That doesnt mean there werent enjoyable parts to the job, just that it wasn't meant to be enjoyed - why would I need to be paid to do something I enjoy? - money is the incentive to do things you normally wouldn't do voluntarily, in this system.

So I worked in a field I was extremely good in (commercial and high rise building maint and operations) with the intention to make as much as I could so I could only be forced to work as short a time in my life as possible. I was very upfront about it, never shy about telling my employers I don't really care who was signing the checks as long as I was getting as big a piece of the pie I was creating as possible, and put my head down and worked extremely hard, went to school when I needed to learn something or saw a way to enable me to make more money, and was able to quit working when I was 51.

Ideal? No. Would I like to still be working, doing something I love doing? No. Doing something I love also includes the ability to walk away from it for a day, a week, or even a year. Couldn't do that if money were tied to it.

1of5 Level 8 Oct 9, 2019

Yes you could. Just work smarter, rather than longer and harder.
Sounds like your bills are covered.
Don't see why not? Go for it, or maybe on your death bed you wished you did.

To the fullest.

@Castlepaloma I did work smarter, as well as harder. It paid off, and there's no reason for me to go out and make a ton more - let someone needier or greedier have it, I'm fine. πŸ˜‰

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