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Here's one for all you Trump haters. You'll be shocked to learn Ayn Rand agrees with you. I wonder how many "social democratic and liberally-minded" folks here will even bother to read this piece since it comes from the Rand people?



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I won’t bother reading Rand stuff any more than I read Breitbart or the Flat Earth leaflets. Life’s too short to bother with such obvious nonsense and there’s always something better to do. That peeling paint won’t watch itself after all

Thank you for your constructive and insightful comment.

@IAMGROOT your demand that we read and engage with a truly despicable philosophy is your problem not ours. I gave you some valid comparisons. So yes both constructive and insightful.

@OwlInASack You have given me or anyone else here nothing but your acidic opinion. Also, I demand nothing. I simply posted an article pointing out that experts on Objectivism believe that Rand would not have liked Trump, that's all.

@IAMGROOT Well you did actually -there’s a strong implicit demand that we read it. And I have some reasons why it’s pointless. Randian sociopathy is all around us. Personally I don’t need any more of it. And I really could give a monkeys arse what that appalling woman or her devotees would have thought of Trump.


I read most of Rand's writings some 50 years ago and found it interesting, but troubling. When I realized that her messages were just (1)all government is bad, (2) I have the right to do what in the hell I want to and no government or religion has anything to say about it, and (3) greed is good. Rand believers are letting themselves be let by the nose by a dead demagogue.


I am amazed at the hate I have encountered repeatedly on this site for Ayn Rand. She stood for individual rights above all else (something I would think every person here could get behind). Calling her philosophy "repugnant," or loathing her, essentially just spewing hate without any reasoning at all, blows my mind. I expected more open-mindedness from Atheists and Agnostics. I do appreciate the more constructive comments provided.

The fact you buy into her shit blows my mind. It is a standoff. She is a cunt at best, and the best cunt is still a cunt.

@Sticks48 Nice.

@IAMGROOT Truth is not always nice.

@Sticks48 Your comment isn't "truth." It's just you spewing hate about someone you dislike. "Buy into her shit?" Have you ever read any of her philosophical works? I am always open to constructive comments. Yours isn't. I get that lots of people don't agree with Rand, but if they have even a modicum of understanding of Objectivism, I'd place them in the category of being socialists for the most part since Rand valued individual effort and ownership of a person's work product/property above all else. Socialists and "Social Democrats" don't. They think it's just fine to confiscate someone's wealth/property "for the greater good."

@IAMGROOT She just has really bad, incredibly selfish ideas. Being that self absorbed makes her a cunt in my eyes. It is that simple. Fortunately her philosophies will never take hold. She is smart in that she made a lot of money selling books. I will give her that.

It’s not without reasoning - you’re badly, badly mistaken there

You may personally be attracted to Rand’s theories but maligning those who aren’t like that speaks volumes.

She stood for herself and getting hers above all else.

I'm not going to apologize for not liking her or her philosophy of selfishness, or for having read her and not coming to the same opinion you have.

She's gone, and good riddance.

@maturin1919 You clearly do not understand Objectivism. Rand valued individual rights and productive effort. That did not mean "getting hers above all else." This statement clearly demonstrates how poor your understanding is on this topic. And nobody asked you for an apology. Hate on whoever you like.

@IAMGROOT I love the way Randian devotees claim she is misunderstood. Reminds me of Jordan Peterson’s cult...

@IAMGROOT I understand it just fine, thanks.

It may work for animals who largely live their lives relying solely upon themselves, but H. sapiens is a social herd animal, and her tripe is counterintuitive to how we survive.

Ever consider that you are the one who doesn't understand it? Or is that not a possibility?

@maturin1919 I think I have a pretty good handle on Objectivism. It espouses true, free-market Capitalism which is something no animal could accomplish. Capitalism is a mutually beneficial value exchange. If a person/company produces something of value to another, they can buy it, or not. Whether you choose to believe it or not, Capitalism has lifted the world to where it is today. Objectivism recognizes the value of Capitalism and, as I have previously mentioned here, prizes individual rights above all others. People, I think, who are not familiar with Objectivism, or only listen to rumor and trash-talking of Rand without making a real effort to understand it, tend to assume Rand/Objectivism means "get yours at THE EXPENSE OF everyone else and this couldn't be further from the truth. It simply means Objectivism says an individual or business has the right to own the fruits of their own labor and to be free to engage in that activity without interference from the government.

@IAMGROOT News flash: humans are animals.

Again, I understand objectivism fine, thanks. And capitalism has more downfalls than positives, which is why it must be contained by a socialist cage or else it'll eat itself alive in favor of the few rather than the many.

The term 'snake oil' comes from a time when the market was more free than it is today. You people talk about the free market as though it's some kind of god, and all we need to do is look back on our own history or the current state of things to see its many, many failures.

Capitalism: trade pieces of paper for shit you don't need until you die.

@maturin1919 Wow! You used the S word. Those "socialist experiments" have failed repeatedly and your grasp of Capitalism seems worse than your knowledge of Objectivism. I think we're done here.


Actually, I have read Ayn Rand and for further insult to my soul, I watched the movie. I don't totally disagree with all that she spouts but am none the less not a fan and find the majority of her beliefs repugnant. Further, I do dislike Trump. In my view, which very likely has little value, it sickens me to know that when I wake he is in the Peoples House, wasting our time, money, and what some might think could be more important, our reputation around the world. No wait, I believe I may have misspoke. On reflection, I do in fact, Hate Trump.


So, Ayn Rand would not be among Trump's supporters? What does that mean? Do I have to subscribe to her "philosophy" because we loath the same person? I loath both of them.


Not sure how the fuck Ayn Rand can agree with me since she is dead as a doornail and has been so since 1982.

Prize for comment of the week 🙂


I no longer prescribe to Objectivism. My introduction to Ayn Rand was Atlas Shrugged at the end of my first year of college. I do however appreciate this summary and description of a Randian view of Trump. I concur with most of it.


As a lifelong Democrat, feminist and environmentalist, I loathe Ayn Rand's selfish, narcissistic philosophies.

Speculating on what a dead person would think of Trump is just that: speculation. Meaningless.

I take it you didn't bother to even look, right?


I read Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" book in my 20s. Was disgusted by her selfish, narcissistic beliefs.

I read the article. It's just speculation about what a dead person would think.

@LiterateHiker Thanks for reading the article.

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