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I am amazed at the lack of knowledge people against AR15's and firearms in general have. Get educated!

ArtemisDivine 7 Oct 9

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Little men with penis envy


What a moron. I hope your comment is meant to be ironic

Judging by your later comments I don't think you need to answer that


More excuses for keeping guns while the massacres continue.

This stuff might have some resonance if the gun lobby weren’t so disgracefully apathetic about grotesque evil


I have 5 AR-15s. One (the first one) was store bought. The rest are custom builds by me. I built them for target shooting at various distances. They guys on the video are a bit smarmy but 90% correct. The only thing I would find fault with, aside from their delivery, is the fact that an AR-15 in .223/5.56 caliber is not legal for hunting in many states. (In which case it doesn't matter if it is an AR or ANY pistol or rifle that uses this round. The state of VA states the round is not powerful enough to take down a deer or bear. So what does THAT tell you?) The ammunition for this caliber was built for one reason only... To cause maximum damage to human flesh. The caliber is smaller so the US soldier can carry more (weigh-wise) than the Vietcong who had AK-47s that used a 7.62 round. The bullet is designed to start a tumbling effect once it hits flesh. This generates a huge cavity in the body and, while perhaps not as powerful or lethal as the 7.62 round, it would still stop the enemy. More than likely it would wound the enemy and when his buddies came to get him... They'd get shot too.

I understand these guys frustrations and share some of them. But the NRA needs to give in a little. There needs to be more stringent laws and even perhaps permits required similar to what you need to take for concealed carry in most states. The NRA could shine if they fired Wayne LaPierre and got back on board with sportsman and hunters to represent them again instead of the gun lobby.

"The ammunition for this caliber was built for one reason only... To cause maximum damage to human flesh. "
And you still think they should be legal?

@jerry99 I have no issue with them phasing out .223/5.56 except for military use. I have 4 other calibers to use. Plus others still to build.

My main point in bringing that up was to refute what the guys in the video stated about hunting. Some states don't allow that caliber for hunting.

@RiverRick But, whadda ya gonna do when forty raccoons come charging in your house at night?
I'll bet you wish you had that assault rifle in that case.

@RiverRick This could be happening somewhere.

@PondartIncbendog Not worried about raccoons... More like Trump zombies!

@RiverRick Just give them a math problem.


It is so silly to disarm USA while doing nothing to stop religious violence and invaders along our borders..... American Atheist Veterans have always been common sense about our 12 TWELVE BILL of RIGHTS the hand written original not textbook liars


No. You don't need them for hunting nor for protection so you don't need them.

Cars kill far more people than guns. Let's ban cars.

@ArtemisDivine What a brilliant response that no one ever thought to say before!

@ArtemisDivine refresh my memory how many school kids were run down by a car while they were at school?

@ArtemisDivine I need my car to get to work. Do you need a AR 15 to get to work?
I need my car to pick up groceries. Do you need an AR 15 to pick up groceries?
There is NO comparison between the two.
Do you have any idea how many people are killed by electricity every day? Lets get rid of that too, right?

@oldFloyd I remember one occasion where a car broke into a movie theatre and started shooting?....Wait, that was a guy with a AR15?

@ArtemisDivine Car kill people by accident. Guns kill on purpose.

@PondartIncbendog you don't need a car. There is public transportation and your own two legs.

@PondartIncbendog, @NoPlanetB are you serious about that ridiculous statement? "Car kill people by accident. Guns kill on purpose." How tf does a gun kill on purpose? People are behind the wheel of a car and if it crashes, it's called an accident....but someone is still in control of the car. A gun is handled by a person. A gun doesn't move about on it's own and shoot people. A person is behind shooting people. I can't even believe I have to explain this to an adult.

@NoPlanetB, @PondartIncbendog
Now what?

@PondartIncbendog pretty sure mass shootings happen in gun free zones. Have you ever been to an Outlaw clubhouse? Definitely no one getting shot up in there by an outside influence.

@ArtemisDivine Oh dear, you're quite gone, aren't you. So sorry.

@NoPlanetB Wow, indeed. She is the reason we have Trump. I'm calling a Doctor for her.

@ArtemisDivine I'm not sixteen. I'm sixty four. And I was issued an M 16 forty years before you were born. And I'm disabled.

@NoPlanetB Be very, very careful. She shaved her head and joined the Air Force.

@ArtemisDivine Have you ever been to a school? Any school?

@ArtemisDivine where is the emoji for shaking ones head in utter despair

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