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Bernie 2020!

WilliamCharles 8 Nov 8

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Bernie is burning to the ground. You may admire his message but it is time to accept his doom. He is done. Be at peace. He is a bad messenger.

That's some mighty strong Kool-Aid you've been swilling.

We will talk in 4 months if not sooner.


Bernie's success is despite the concerted efforts to shut him down. His supporters grow and are aware of the chicanery that took place in 2016.

Bernie's success as you call it is limited to his fanatic supporters . The energy is high, the fanaticism is high but he lacks broad spectrum appeal. He can keep getting elected in Vermont until death but he cannot be president. Let us not confuse the euphoria and enthusiasm of his supporters to nationwide appeal.

We all like the tings he is promising. Who does not? Even the Republicans do. The message is attractive but he is the false messiah.

There are at least 10 solid reasons why Bernie cannot be president. If you can set aside your crazy love for Bernie and think pragmatically of the chances of Bernie getting elected president, you will see that he has no path to the White House.


He'd already be president if the Very Serious People who were convinced that foisting Hillary on the electorate was a sure thing had not strong armed her into the nomination.

@WilliamCharles There are a lot of IFs and BUTs and whining about the past does not help the future.

Secondly, Trump would have beat him so badly in 2016 that the defeat would be in the history books.


The past is prologue. As I think I've stated before, feel free to share the horse you're backing. Either they're a frontrunner (that limits the possibilities), or they're some sort of come-from-behind dynamo that just hasn't caught fire yet.

Either way, I know the candidate that has what it takes to win in the primaries, and defeat the Doughy Dotard. You're damn right I'm sticking with him, and I'm not alone.

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