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Well there you go, apparently God prefers kind atheists to some Christians! (Probably depends on your Church smile009.gif )

By girlwithsmiles7
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I like the message -- it doesn't matter what you believe, but how you act. smile001.gif


Well it beats the one in Mentor Ohio on Lakeshore boulevard that says America love it or leave it.

oldFloyd Level 7 Nov 8, 2019

Just proves that anyone can speak for god, making it a useless concept.

1of5 Level 8 Nov 8, 2019

Wow! That’s a new take from a church! Since there is no god, it doesn’t really make any sense realistically. But it does show some actual thought.


But I thought atheists have no morals? Lol

WeaZ Level 7 Nov 8, 2019

Well it does say "kind" atheists, not moral ones.

@RussRAB so I guess that means an atheist can be morally corrupt, but as long as they are kind... god would prefer atheists? Lol

@WeaZ - All I know is that there are as many Christians who believe in many versions of a Christian God as anyone can imagine, and they all think they alone know the right God and the right Jesus. They all have their own ideas about atheists and non-Christians. I have little doubt that some Christians somewhere believe as you describe.


I'd love to see the reaction to this message from certain Christians. We would likely see some Christian on Christian "disagreement".

RussRAB Level 7 Nov 8, 2019

Well, I guess the imaginary god must like me! But it's a one-way friendship, because I don't like him back. smile001.gif


they also have weekly meditation, sounds like a universalist church lol

basher Level 5 Nov 8, 2019

If there were a loving God, he would prefer kind atheists over hateful Christians.


That is illogical captain. Atheists and god cannot co exist

Moravian Level 7 Nov 8, 2019

It was be written by a Christian, you can work out the rest logically 😉 lols!


Should be more common

bobwjr Level 9 Nov 8, 2019

Someone needs to send this to the prick pastor at a church in having to deal with at work

Perhaps you could download a copy and leave it near his office? 😉

@girlwithsmiles nah I really want to throat punch him instead lol


Good old God. I knew he’d pull through for the unbelievers. It’s not him that’s a bigoted arse, it’s those ‘ne’er do wells’ that claim to know his mind.

God’s alright by me on that showing! That boy of his though. Needs to teach those acolytes of his some manners, so jury is out on him right now.


I knew it all along.

Jolanta Level 8 Nov 8, 2019

Probably the best thing I’ve ever seen on one of those church signs. Kudos.


Love it! They even said I was kind!


Could that be the very definition of a theistic oxymoron?!

Bump Level 3 Nov 8, 2019

They are in conflict with being moral beings and buying into a system they believe to be moral. They simply do not understand what it actually is. It is made clear throughout the texts that unless you follow you will be cast into eternal void.

JohnnyQB Level 5 Nov 8, 2019

But as their, good book, contradicts itself it can’t really be followed and in step dominant humans to, ‘lead the flock’ 🙁

@girlwithsmiles Well as you know they cherry pick throughout and follow as they choose. If they get a charismatic manipulative leader, as we have witnessed several times in the past, he/she can lead them to believe and do horrible things. My point was that even the religious are more moral than the system they follow, they just are not aware of it ha...


Maybe the preacher is an atheist in the pulpit.

xenoview Level 6 Nov 8, 2019

According some church... that probably will not accept you as an atheist regardless


Almost seems a kind gesture doesn't it ? The problem with christianity is this. They still willfully follow and obey what they would perceive as instruction from god. Whatever they believe god commands is a moral action. It could be the genocide and slaughter of an entire society. All of the people, all of their Animals, going so far as bashing the heads of their infants against the rocks to rid the land of every living part of them. That is and has been shown to be over and over a very dangerous thing..

JohnnyQB Level 5 Nov 8, 2019
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