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GOP Senators despise Trump and wish they could replace him with Pence - no improvement - according to an Axios reporter. What do you think? He does not recognize the division of church and state and is anti LGBTQ rights. No bargain right?

By sassygirl38699
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We absolutely must impeach pence as well! Trump said he was part of the Ukraine conversation, he is a coconspirator!

Edgeward Level 6 Nov 8, 2019

I agree he is a co-conspirator with Ukraine!


Pence needs to go as well. He is as corrupt as trump.

Totally agree!

@sassygirl3869 But.... can you live with Nancy for the next 5 years? She will become the incumbent so all of the current democratic candidates will fall in line behind her to retain the presidency.

Scary thoughts for me if she also gets a majority in both houses. Then everyone will be glad for all the trump appointed federal judges.

Just saying....... be careful what you wish for.....

@moosepucky I have no problems with Nancy -she is not a criminal like Mitch McConnell. They are not going to impeach Pence too but legally they should.

@sassygirl3869 given the choice between Nancy and 2-cent pence, Nancy wins for me.

I just fear a one party government, regardless of the party. I've lived in a one party town for the last 2 decades.

I would add a corrupt religious fanatic.


Pence scares the crap out of me. Trump is impulsive and selfish and in a given year there’s probably a 20% chance he will start a civilization-ending war. But Pence is careful and methodical and has a very specific vision for the country as a theocracy. He probably considers the world of A Handmaid’s Tale to be utopia. That is a world I do NOT want to live in.


It's a hard question. tRump's character (or lack thereof) makes everyone else look good. Pence doesn't have the pure nastiness as tRump which might make him more dangerous.


I really do not know but I have seen him do things over time and feel that he will do what he is told to do. I do not think he has the ability to think independently. Personally I do not think he is going to make it past the impeachment as he did participate in it. Trump is trying to blame the whole thing on him. This is going to get interesting.


Get rid of both and let Nancy have a go


I think that he truly is no bargain. I believe Pence is even more dangerous because of his Xtian supremacist agenda. He has to bring about Armageddon in order for the second coming and the rapture to happen.


People who know both men say Pence is batshit and would be in fact worse than Trump. All of those senators can suck a dick.

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