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Whistleblower's attorney warns Trump to cease and desist attacks or face legal and ethical peril. Kudos to this attorney. How many people's lives has Trump put in danger from his tweeting frenzies?

sassygirl3869 9 Nov 8

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When tRump leaves office, he will face so many lawsuits and charges for his crimes. I hope he never sees daylight again, and dies in abject poverty. His only hope is to defect to Russia.

I do not think he will be able to go anywhere but jail, since he will be accused of crimes and he, will have an ability to flee.

I heard this, this morning. I also heard a republican (didn't catch if he was a senator or rep.) is tossing his hat in the ring. He is saying tRump has no business being president and he is trying to wake up others in his party. He also mentioned many have told him they agree but aren't ready to speak up.

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