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This is a video about how to make the Atheist community more inclusive, add your ideas below.

JohnSchindler 6 Dec 2

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I think this article gets more to the point.
"“Anti-Theism” Conference Organizer Defends Sexual Misconduct in Bizarre Rant"


"Why women avoid the atheist movement"???????

  1. I do not see any of that on this site!
  2. what "atheist movement"????

Seems drumpy-ish, state falsehoods/odd generalizations AS IF they were facts & proceed


Get to the point, dude! Two and a half-minutes in, and he STILL has not said a single reason why there aren't many women in the atheist movement.

What atheist movement?

I'm not willing to watch him hem and haw, beating around the bush.

Oh, Hiker, beating around the bush can be fun!


My ex-husband thinks out loud. Terry rambles for 20-30 minutes, going in circles. "Get to the point," I thought wearily. Because he's a teacher, I learned to raise my hand. Immediately Terry shut up.

"What I hear you saying is this," I said, summarizing in one or two sentences. "Exactly!" Terry enthused. He loves talking about himself.

I realized I wasn't willing to put up with this for life. Terry's verbal diarrhea got worse as he got older, as I predicted.


There is no "atheist community."

Yeah - there is though. This is sort of one. It’s important that there is too, to support and help those deconverting which can be quite traumatic (that’s British understatement there 🙂 )

I understand the desire to avoid organisation around anything to do with faith and therefore non-faith, but in the broadest sense there is a sort of community of the godless. Further there are organisations set up to promote atheism or to represent the godless view at Government level. The British Humanists have been hugely successful for eg in challenging bad policy in the UK. I have less time for some others.

It seems though that the leaders of these organisations are frequently sexually predatory men who double down when caught. Their defenders are legion - the whole godless MRA movement pops up to attack any who would say: actually that’s not OK.


OK, let me rephrase this:

Apparently there is some sort of "community of non-believers" in the UK.

There. We now agree.


I have been an atheist all my life but never have been part of a movement. It is such a personal discovery and decision, that I do not see the need to meet with others and talk about it. This forum is as much "joining the movement" as I see necessary in my life. Any idea of a supernatural being is like a greyscale in my mind, undefined and unchanging. And all the history of religion is and continues to be the doings of men ( and yes, I mean the males in society) It is fascinating to study but I will not waste one minute of this short life of fighting it. It will disappear on its own when the needs of survival start pressing harder on people and the omnipotence of any supernatural being is revealed as nonsense.


Being sexist to the extent that your behaviour leads to criminal allegations isn’t related to atheism as far as I’m concerned. Belief or non belief in a deity isn’t really relevant to sexual assault. Plenty of Religious people fail in their religious values and commit crimes, it seems to happen across the board.
As for the Atheism movement? I’ve been to plenty rallies in my time, but none for Atheism.

Being sexist to the extent that your behaviour leads to criminal allegations isn’t related to atheism as far as I’m concerned

It would be nice if atheists behaved better than republicans though wouldn’t it? Unfortunately atheist organisations seem to be infected by male predators

@OwlInASack I wonder what’s brought that about? A strange phenomenon if true. (It would be nice if we all behaved better I guess).

@girlwithsmiles it has been extraordinary to see so many of them credibly accused, one after another. The almost routine failure to respond appropriately has been another sad feature.

PZ Myers excepted: he immediately requested an independent investigation, offered full cooperation.

There were no findings against him

There is a suspicion that he was accused of rape, without much detail, because he is an outspoken feminist and holds his fellow atheists to a high standard when it comes to sexism, sexual harassment, misogyny etc.

But for sure were it proved then we’d throw him under the bus with the rest of the scum bags.

His response though looked pretty model. Unlike Krauss, Silverman, Neil de G-T...

The majority of folks in jail claim some sort of religion or another, so perhaps religion makes them criminals?


I love Jaclyn Glenn. I like to hear her sing.


Who said non believers want to exclude people? Who the fuck cares if someone wants to believe or not? I don't give a crap if you want to remain brainwashed or if you choose to be logical. And where is this so called community?


I’m scared to watch.. guessing he’s as bad as a white supremacy women walk behind me....


Thank you so much for providing this video. As an atheist woman I feel supported by Mr. Atheist and feel that there may in fact be a safe community for me after all.


i don’t know if i have much to add, but mr atheist is the best. this video was really disturbing to watch. on one hand, i want to laugh at this guy who can’t even put together a coherent thought, but it’s so disgusting. this “anti sjw” bullshit is the reason i avoided the atheist community for so long.

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