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Anyone here experience this internal conflict? I know quite a few Christians. Most of them know I don't believe. None of them has ever approached me to try to convince me to "be saved".

This is not intended as a criticism of them personally. But it's bothersome because on the one hand, I don't really want people trying to save me in this way, though I do enjoy a good discussion. But on the other hand -- why are they not trying?

I'm assuming (only assuming, mind you) that they believe I will not go to heaven. In my limited experience, this silence on the subject is the general rule, not the exception.

Is their belief not certain enough? Do they believe in predestination, and therefore there's no point in trying to convince me? Do they just not care? Is it just not part of god's will? Ought I to be offended?

(It's somewhat hypothetical. I'm not really offended. But it's curious...)

By Omnedon5
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Let me be clear: I don't plan to argue about this with believers. I brought it up here as a discussion point. It's something I've long wondered about but rarely get the opportunity to discuss. This seemed like the perfect forum. And for the most part it has been good. Thanks.

Omnedon Level 5 Dec 4, 2019

You should say God will surely send them to Hell for not even attempting to spread the gospel to you when they had ample oppourtunity to.


I’ve never had a Christian try to “save” me. I do live a very non Christian lifestyle (never-been-married mother, etc) and am vocal of my own beliefs, so if they know me, they know they’d be wasting their breath. I honestly don’t care why, I’m just glad they don’t 😁


creating problems where there are none....perhaps a need for conflict is working behind the scene...

blzjz Level 6 Dec 3, 2019

Creating problems?

@Omnedon many here try to avoid religeous discussions with their religeous friends .... you seem not to have that issue... keep it simple unless you want to convert them..... smile001.gif

@blzjz I don't tend to have discussions about religion with my religious friends. In most cases we seem to have some sort of unspoken understanding that it's not a good idea.


I see too many christians relish the idea of others going to hell.
It's a pretty sick mindset.

Especially as it’s a medieval idea and certainly not a component of Judaism which all this evangelistic shit has distorted.


Ask them.

BryanLV Level 7 Dec 3, 2019

Actually, in my experience most theists really aren't that certain that their way is the only way. After all, most of them will do anything to avoid dying and going to heaven. When I left the Catholic church I expected a lot of condemnation, especially behind my back. My mother told me that most people simply said, "Who's to say?"


Count yourself fortunate that no one is trying.


"But on the other hand -- why are they not trying?"

In my experience this is very much sect driven based on the Dogma of their church.
Many of the more traditional and Liberal churches follow the proscription in Peter, by which they try exactly once, when they meet you, and may not try hard (because it is really up to the holy spirit). They will remain in your life awaiting the right moment that the holy spirit reveals (usually some personal crisis). If you reject at that point they will "wash the very dust from their feet", and go back to waiting for the spirit to present another opportunity.

Other sects are endlessly pushing for new adherents, JW for example are required to sell a certain number of watchtowers door to door, to draw in new members.

There is a very large range on that scale, from never to always.

Very true, a wide range. Another example: the Mormon church requires members to spend a certain amount of time on missionary work. At the other end, some Baptist groups seem to believe that there's no point in evangelizing because it's all predestined. Presumably in those cases, it may be fine to associate with the damned in the meantime. What's the harm? smile001.gif

I wonder what the JW KPIs are. Perhaps you can get kicked out for under-performing.


I don't worry about it much. If any of them are too concerned with saving me I will stop talking to them so much. Also, keep in mind that couples have been broken up because the believer is almost in tears knowing that the loved one might die and be taken to an unknown place and punished forever for not following an invisible man who lives in the sky. This is what extreme religion does when we all should just be living our lives.

I've not known of such cases personally, but I do not doubt that this happens, yes.

@Omnedon it certainly does. I’m only aware if it happening in Christianity.

It’s akin to both blackmail and terrorism.


I would concern myself with my own life and let others live their own lives. Have you heard the adage live and let live?

Mofo1953 Level 8 Dec 3, 2019

I am in no way trying to interfere with other peoples' lives. It's just an interesting conundrum and I got lots of interesting responses here.

@Omnedon where did you get this interfere deal? When you said "This is not intended as a criticism of them personally. But it's bothersome..." It is you who is critical and bothered by the way others live.

@Mofo1953 You're not making sense. You said, "let others live their own lives". I am. I'm here talking about something that I've wondered about. It's not a critical issue, and I'm not arguing with believers about it. I thought if there was any safe place to get opinions, it would be here. And by and large that seems to be true. It's been interesting -- lots of different perspectives. That's the point of this.

@Omnedon learn how to read first, it is YOU who is critical and bothered, YOU not them, so live your life without worrying about what othets may do or not do. Now you understand. You not them, just let go.

@Mofo1953 You seem to have gotten the wrong impression here. I'm not bothered. I said the issue is bothersome. Not the same thing. I'm not worried about it. Rather, it's a bit of a conundrum. I wanted to share the thought and see what people said. Mission accomplished.

Text communications can be problematic sometimes. Things are easily misinterpreted. Let's take a step back here.

@Omnedon let it go already

@Mofo1953 I will if you do smile001.gif


Try having your own beliefs and not being so concerned with beliefs of others.

When people with whom one is very close have beliefs that are at odds with one's own beliefs, ignoring it can be problematic. Just here to get some various perspectives.


They probably just don’t want you there with them!😉


Maybe they are also respectful people who accept you for what you are.


It may be that they are afraid that if they raise the issue, you may convert them.


I suspect they just don't like you and are hoping you won't follow them to Heaven. (Kidding, kidding!)

I know some Christians who don't try to convert anyone, believing that everyone must find their own path. I know others who don't believe that non-believers will necessarily be shunned from Paradise. And I know some who are more nominally Christian, and they aren't really very active in their faith. But I've had my share of people try to convert me, too. It's a rather broad spectrum.

resserts Level 8 Dec 3, 2019

True, there's a very broad range of views within the Christian community.


Be careful of what you wish for.

Jolanta Level 8 Dec 3, 2019

I'm not wishing for people to try to save me. As I said, I don't want that. It's just an interesting conundrum.


I am in the same boat and have thought the same. When I started going down the list of them I began to realize they don't believe either. They stay because of guilt and fear.


Mark 2:17, NIV: "On hearing this, Jesus said to them, 'It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.'"

If you are obeying the Masonic lodge secret religion racist devil worshipper secret religion government most commonly known as United States of America being lead Lucifer the devil most commonly known as Jesus the Christ then you are not needing a house call from Jesus to save you from anything. If you are submitting to Authority-666 pay taxes to Masonic lodge secret religion racist devil worship government and worshiping the laws[beast as refered to in Revelations by metaphor] and worship leadership obeying all there laws of rape the original indigenous inhabitants of their land call it America. call them Mexicans, indian and native American, and support the killing of soldiers in war for purposes of establishing and reinforcing laws of taxation then you are doing a mighty fine and rightious devil worship Job and do not need Jesus to call on you for salvation.

blahblah Level 6 Dec 2, 2019

User name checks out


I find that most religious factions are more narcissistic than say not being part of it they think that they're better than anyone because they're going to a better place and anyone so in all reality they probably don't care because their heads are so big because they read one book they know everything already

Drew69 Level 5 Dec 2, 2019

Maybe they just respect you for who you are.


In a moment of weakness (death of a loved one, fear of your own mortality) show some doubt, and they'll be sharing all the "good news" you can handle. Consider yourself lucky!


Why oh why are you worrying that a bunch of delusional "believers" aren't trying to convert you???!!
Enjoy the peace & quiet!

I'm not worried. I don't want people trying to convert me. I just find the whole thing interesting.

I wish they would not indoctrinate the children.
That bs is wrong.


shouldn't you be asking THEM those questions?

And whack at the hornets nest? 😅


Many of the people I know and associate with call themselves liberal christian. A few I have asked to share more with me have given the sayings of things like hell is just a place a separation from god to a you will never exist in eternity. Yet, all of that thinking is because the ignore, never read (majority have never read), even NT, from beginning to end, or interpret things in their book. So, they also ignore that big part of their holy book called revelations where 'Jesus' says that he will spit the lukewarm believers out of his mouth.

gsiamne Level 7 Dec 2, 2019
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