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David Silverman is live on Facebook for Secular Alliance, Atheist Alliance Internaional's and Atheist Lighthouse's GivingTuesday event.


JohnSchindler 6 Dec 2

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No thanks! He is a predator.


I like Silverman's mind take on atheism but he sure went wrong on the sexuality part with his exposure and job loss do to some totally stupid sexual activity that came out of hiding. The best I can say is that he wasn't thinking. Of course, neither were the women involved. Exact details can be looked up.

As for certain take aways that I got from this venture here they are with my answers:
I'm going to spit in your mouth - like hell you are.
You can't say "no" to me - the hell I can't.
Think of a good safe word - how about "stop" we are not going to do this.

I'm aware that playing doctor and nurse as a kid evolved into lots of silly sexual games as seemingly adults, but not much of this bullshit interests me. Some people have needs that go a bit too far.


And Donald Trump is live on Twitter. They could get together and discuss their sexual predation techniques and subsequent whining approaches when called out on it.

Perhaps there’s a book there: Consent and how to redefine it so you can abuse anyone you want

Or How to show your true colours as a hard right wing misogynist and sexual predator after the event?

Or the solo, Silverman only texts: how to abuse women and then play the victim so successfully you get appointed to a new position of leadership that was created just for you

Or: How to denigrate your victims like a true male atheist leader

So many options open to him...


Nope, nada, nyet.


This live event is now ended but you can see it as a regular video here: []

Yeah, no thanks.

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