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This is why I hate religion. They have no intention of letting you live your own life.


1of5 8 Dec 2

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Interesting! Once the rapture comes they’ll be gone. Unless the rapture has been and gone and these idiots have missed it.

Either way America has to get the fool out of the way. At least it’s only another five years at worst!z

We need a good Rapture. Then their stuff is up for grabs: we’d have to burn their books and most of the clothes, but the rest could be auctioned off. We could use that money to solve a few global problems...such as hunger. THEY aren’t doing jackshit about helping others!


That was freakin terrifying

Yeah, wasn't it? Fun to think we share the planet with them. And that there's even more fucked up religions out there than them.

I need a drink.

I agree. I recently made the point to a homophobic Xtian that while I’ve NEVER had a gay person approach me to try to ‘make me gay and push the gay agenda’(their words)...I’ve had NUMEROUS obnoxious, judgmental, presumptive Xtian s try to ‘convert’ me. Including littering my car/property with flyers, knock on my door, and total-ass strangers in public with intrusive questions and tracts. 🤮


Comrade Trump is a false messiah.

Well there's no such thing as a true messiah...

@1of5 Exactly. And if you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him.

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