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Uhhhm, yup.

By 1of58
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The information collecting bots. and algorithms etc. of the on-line media, are adjusted to collect negative information about the things people hate. Because that tells you more about them. ( As in. What sort of weather do you like ? Answer. Sunshine. Is not very useful because nearly everyone likes that. However the question. What sort of weather do you hate ? Answer. Rain. Tells you all sorts. Such as, may be a good market for rain wear, may not be a gardener so not a good market for seeds, and so on. )

And when you ask questions such as. What sort of people do you hate ? That tells the marketers huge amounts about you. Therefore the search engines, and social media are adjusted to promote negative responses and behaviour because that is where the profits lie.

I hate everyone on principle, marketers and philosophers more than most.

@1of5 That's a good if novel pairing. Throw in politicians and arts pseuds, for me as well.


And if wishes were horses the devil would ride smile007.gif

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