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The US imposes Visa Bans on International Criminal Court investigators involved in the Middle East countries. WTF Pompeo!!!!!

By sassygirl38699
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Of course, one does not want anyone who could actually do something about the orange Impotus. Anyone spell Crimes against Humanity.


Trump is a criminal

bobwjr Level 9 Jan 14, 2020

Why are you surprised? The US has always done the same...

Ramon59 Level 4 Jan 13, 2020

We’ve done this before! We act all holy and righteous. We give great mouth service to the International Court when they are trying war crimes by other country leaders. But we refuse to subject ourselves to the rules we hold other nations and their leaders. In order to illegally remove Saddam Hussein from office based on faulty information we murdered (with bombs) millions of Iraqi civilians who had no military value. But we answer to no one.

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