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You will all be happy to know the NW coast is protected.
There are fighters patrolling the coast and they can be heard every ten minutes. This is something new after living here for sixteen years. This goes on all night and day.
Thanks Hillary........

PondartIncbendog 7 Jan 13

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That BITCH!!!

1of5 Level 8 Jan 14, 2020


I was on the Manhattan Bridge, walking home from that thing 9/11; they had closed the Brooklyn Bridge, you see, because of all the rampant destruction going on downtown and all. Anyways, I was on the bridge, trying to figure out exactly how I was going to get home and all, then the lone fighter jet that circling Manhattan popped their afterburner and shot off towards the south and all I could think was "Oh shit, more people are gonna die today..."

Sorry, Cat just had a sharing moment there... I promise I won't be so morose for the rest of the day.


Just kidding. Really, the military aircraft have been very active on the coast.

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