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Republicans will not vote to dismiss Impeachment Hearing vs Trump. Finally the GOP is coming to their senses. The Senate does not have the votes to diss the trial. Good News!!!! Agree/Disagree??

sassygirl3869 9 Jan 13

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I cannot wait for this whole thing to get going and see what the orange turd tweets to piss off the repub senators.


Lets just say it is a step in the right direction. Just hope it's not the usual conservative ploy. I saw this and looked at some of the comments. There are interesting takes on this and one said it would be up to the Judge (Roberts) to decide if there would be a dismissal.

Mitch McConnell was just live on MSNBC a few minutes ago and committed to no dismissal.

@sassygirl3869 So lets see if that's just talk while covertly, in the end, going for one. Look like you are going through the motions when that is exactly what you are doing, only going through the motions.


I don't know. Do you really think the Republicans would vote against their president?


Perhaps the tide is turning on the repubs!!

People will be watching this so it will matter what is presented to them. If any of the stuff he is guilty of doing gets said people will move against him rather than go down with a sinking ship.

@dalefvictor If people even see it. Read an article earlier that Mitch is putting down all kinds of rules for the media. He is trying to black it out as much as possible!!!


I wouldn't go so far as saying they're coming to their senses. But it does look like there's some resistance forming.


Agree some but not many have a conscience

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