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"Have you read my profile? I see that you like talking." I took a look at it, yeah.
"So I noticed. I prefer to talk with my tongue not my fingers." That's a really nice way to introduce yourself to someone 😂LOL!

vjohnson51 7 Jan 14

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After writing hundreds and hundreds of messages to women, sometimes we get careless.

@vjohnson51 I write every message from scratch. I often use some phrases over and over but I get tired of saying the same words, and sometimes I create variations. Some of those variations don't look as good upon re-reading


We could be fair and just assume it was a clumsy attempt at getting your phone #.

But yeah, we've all meet men before, so...I guess just be glad he didn't send a pic. 😉

1of5 Level 8 Jan 14, 2020

Well, at least you know he isn't interested in long walks on the beach, and etc......time-saving little weasel, ain't he?


That's funny lol


My tongue speaks for itself. 😛

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