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Hi there, folks,
This is me in my accustomed pose propping up a bar; or vice versa, in one of my local pubs. I quoted Karl Marx to liven things up a bit, "Religion... is the opium of the people."
Who would argue against such a sentiment?

By jamesthered1
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Why not beer?


I disagree..

"Religion... The beginning of mankind's ignorance. "

Source : Cutiebeauty

It wasn't just religion which slowed down the inevitable march of science; alchemy, in particular also meant that the chemists of their day wasted much of their effort chasing two impossible dreams. There's a line in a Neil Young (my favourite musician) song, "When the aimless blade of science slashed the pearly gates." The bible is supposed to be the inspired word of god but it has many inconsistencies. For example, if god is all-knowing and cannot allow evil into his presence then why couldn't he find Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden after they had eaten the apple and why in the book of Job was satan able to come into the presence of god and say that Job would curse god if he, satan was allowed to smite all that Job had? If I was creating a religion, I would, at the very least, make it consistent within itself. By the way, I haven't the slightest intention of doing this - I am not another L. Ron Hubbard nor indeed would I wish to be...


It would depend if you are intending to continue its discussion in the context and spirit that it was written or as a sound bite which is how it is usually uttered.

Maybe, I should have taken cognizance of a statement which Leo Tolstoy makes in Anna Karenina that one should avoid religion and politics at the dinner table - but where would be the fun in that?

@jamesthered Agreed! That’s certain not where the fun is!

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