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A good history lesson about the terms "capitalism" and "socialism," and criticism of the changes of the concepts underlying these terms. . . . Sir Roger Scruton | Full Address and Q&A | Oxford Union . .

Jacar 8 Jan 14

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I only watched part of this lecture, and stopped when he characterized conservatives as diffident, “muddling along,” and uncertain. Maybe that’s true of the British Conservative Party, but it’s untrue about American conservatives. In fact, a defining trait of conservatives is their absolute belief in their own infallibility, to the point of needing no research, facts, or consideration of opposing points of view. Racism—an idiotic set of beliefs wholly contradicted by biology—is one example. Another illustration: McConnell’s assertion that no evidence will be allowed in the impeachmrnt hearing: he’s already made up his mind and facts are literally of no interest to him. He’s even willing to commit the felony of false swearing, taking an oath to be impartial after repeatedly announcing that he has no intent to honor that oath. Indeed, to conservatives, the “weakness” of progressives is that they acknowledge that they don’t know it all.


He failed to recognise that Russia was one of the "liberators" of Europe during WW2. And a very rose-tinted view of grammar schools, which varied enormously in quality of curriculum. He falsely claimed the capacity to learn lessons from the past as a "conservative" quality. In real life, when identifying a problem it is not always possible to instantaneously think of a solution. Thus it is perfectly valid to complain about injustice or shortcomings before you have the solutions to them. In my vie this character is playing the victim at the same time as stating (he thinks) conservatives do not want change. Lazy argument IMHO.

Yeah personally I couldn’t stand him. He was absolutely the problem with his lack of knowledge about poverty and worse, his apathy about it


From a well noted hard right winger. So more of a propaganda article then.

Plenty of actual information about socialism rather than the views of a deeply illiberal privileged wealthy conservative.

Depends on what you want: facts or propaganda?


I'm in favor of Democratic Socialism. Every nation that's still doing well is Socialistic.

I favor Democratic Socialism as well. America has it in very limited form and the GOP is trying to get rid of those programs. Who will take care of grandma in the nursing home? Those in power do not care.

Every nation that is doing well is egalitarian Capitalist, with vigorous social programs. None of the nations which are doing well have Socialist governments.

@PBuck0145 we are clearly all claiming the same countries to our cause. You might note they aren’t socialist - while others will note that they are social democracies. We are presumably talking of Scandinavia and Switzerland. Egalitarian capitalist sounds like a contradiction and a way if not saying social democracy.

The fundamental principle in these countries is that the people expect the government to intervene to make life better for all - recognising that markets won’t do that

@PBuck0145 No, but it's interesting to see governments who manage a large part of society not run it into the ground. It's rare to meet someone on the right who won't give a long speech about how everything the government does is either evil or incompetent or both. "If we expand social programs we will all be poor." Well, no developed country with the kind of reforms the furthest leftie running for president wants to put into practice, is poor.
In the wake of Roosevelt, America was not poor.
I hope people will remember that in the upcoming election.


Kudos to @Jacar for posting this video on this site.

It’s better than his usual white supremacy or extreme right wing anti Islam lies but not much

@OwlInASack Considering how badly this site is infested with regressive leftists, his post took considerable courage.


Infested? Regressive leftists eh? The true language of the vicious hard right.

He shows the same courage as the evangelicals who claim they are being persecuted.

There is nothing courageous about white supremacy in America or the fascism he posts regularly... courage exists in standing up against tyranny for the vulnerable - not finding common cause with the brutal, violent, murderous, thuggish, dishonest, fascist, conspiracist and criminal

@PBuck0145 Yes, posting on the internet with anonymity is soooooo brave!

@OwlInASack Not "hard right". Classical (non-leftist) liberal.


Capitalist Pyramid, turn of last century
Begining of the twentith Century.


thanks. i was beginning to think i was the only one political on here that gives a shit. way too many boomers stuck on corporate media, that don't get this. they have been lied too by the elite and the news stations they have influenced.we need a democratic socialist to continue fdr's work. more than ever.

though this is a british account, it still is relevant. the main thing that i did not hear him go into. both systems are not mutually exclusive. that we need a little of both. socialism to keep capitalism in bounds. but we need capitalism to inspire people to be go getters, he touched on it, but never said to combine the two. it seams to be geared to an either or. correct me if i am wrong.

@MichaelSpinler Sadly Scruton was well to the right, and had very fixed ideas about social democracy, liberalism and progressive movements for minorities.

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