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Cumberland County Schools still displays the Ten Commandments in multiple elementary/high schools. The School Board voted to keep them in 6-3 vote back in March 2018.

This is a gross violation of the rights of Cumberland County School students, families, and employees. Everyone within the public schools deserves a neutral environment where anyone of any beliefs or none at all can thrive. You cannot have freedom of religion without freedom from religion.

If you are a Cumberland County School student, a student’s guardian, or employee who wishes to do something about this violation, please contact the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) using this link: []

*They are looking for interested parties to possibly fight this legally. Complaints and communication are confidential and you will remain anonymous to protect your safety.

Additionally, I encourage anyone near the Crossville area to write the School Board asking them to reverse their decision, remove the Ten Commandments plaques, and respect the rights of our students. The more complaints, the better.

Write to: 368 4th Street, Crossville, TN 38555 to the Director of Schools, Janet Graham or Cumberland County School Board.

Website: []

DakotaDaniels 3 Feb 13

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Welcome to the asylum. Enjoy your stay.

Good luck to you!
The FFRF is an excellent organization, and may be able to assist you.

Thank you. FFRF is an amazing organization. They have helped me with numerous violations and I am honored to have been awarded by them twice. I wish I could be a plaintiff but I recently graduated early so I probably do not have standing anymore. Just trying to get the word out


Good luck. Sending it to Crossville? Does not sound very promising. Seems we are going back in time......not for long.

Thank you. Yes, Crossville, Tennessee. Most of the unconstitutional practices in Cumberland County Schools have been resolved, but the Ten Commandments issue remains unfortunately. Still a very serious issue, but I have “faith” the problem will eventually be fixed sooner or later.

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