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A cat's Freedom.

Eyes locked on the imagination of the playful adventurous that could only be found in thought. All the while inspired by the vast expanse of white. Brown trees to clime! Dancing snowflakes to chase with the paws! Not to just chase the with eyes, being confined is no fun! Yet, it's not just the glass before me, or the tall walls around me, no. Could you image, what it would take to endure the hardships of breaking the fear and intimidation? To step a foot out the door, let alone prance around in the mostly unknown is very foreboding! Yet longed, after all, why would I be starring out of the window? Why are you listening to these thoughts, what keeps you wondering about something as small as me? Well, then! If you would please open a door, a way to out there and give me a chance! A cat, with all it's feline agility bounds from the black couch. Ha, ha, thanks! Timid and anxiety clashed with adventure and the felling of being alive. Combined
with frazzled fur that was ruffled gently by the wind. The wide eyed cat, with all the features of bewildered child. Staring out of the beauty of the front yard, yet with a difference. There was no restrictions, no clear object blocking the path! It was for the taking, and the cat with all the bravery of it's heart! Made a daring graceful leap. A suspended moment with out any restrictions, turning into an eternity of that feeling.As the cat landed on all four, a foot in front of the five step porch. Dark color fur blended with the snow in a blur. Not looking back, going through, not slowing down, not being halted by any calamities. Freedom at last!

Thanks Dad, thanks Juno the cat.

TCorCM 7 Feb 13

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