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I wonder why there are so many multiple posts?
hasn't happened to me in the 100s i've posted.

callmedubious 7 Feb 13

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Hitting submit more than once results in multiple posts


maybe my reactions are just slower.


If I hit submit and it doesn't do anything for awhile I hit it again. Usually ends in a double post. I always check and go back and delete when it happens.

Mabey you have a fast internet connection.

MsAl Level 7 Feb 14, 2020

Happens to me


I don't know, it seems to happen to some people a lot, but it hardly ever happen to me except once or twice, and unfortunately I was not quick enough to work out what I had done differently. Perhaps you just hold down the submit button longer than you should. If people do come up with any ideas that seem possible, about why it happens, why not go to the community forum and try them out with test posts.

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