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How many of you have to stand in line to vote? What state are you in???

PondartIncbendog 8 Feb 13

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The lines at my polling place is never long if at all in Central Texas.

This year I am a polling monitor as a Non-partisan volunteer.

With the Texas Election Protection Coalition.


Michigan. I'm using mail in ballot this year. Not a big line ever but it's at a church and I don't like standing there with all the Trumpers for it.

I went to Lansing with my ex and we waited close to 5 hours.

Funny how votes from rural people count for more and we also don't have to wait like that..

MsAl Level 7 Feb 14, 2020

I have permanent vote by mail status. Unfortunately, in 2016 here, several mailbags full of vote by mail ballots were found out in a still has not been determined how they got there. So, I will be dropping off my paper ballot at the polling place from now on.


Texas, and not too long. That is not true everywhere in Texas.


I don't. In Florida we can vote by mail. I've never stood in line to vote, no matter where I lived.

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